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Link's Age

Is Link becoming younger? In past games it would seem that Link was a young adult. But in these newer releases he seems to be decreasing in age. When I first started playing Ocarina of Time I would wonder... do I grow as the game progresses? I didn't know about older Link until a friend tipped me off. I then thought... has Link always been this age? Then when I tried Majora's Mask I couldn't wait to find the Master sword and become "Normal" Link. To my surprise this did not happen. In the Oracle versions of the series I could not tell if he was old or young because of the voice was never placed in the games. Then after one of the biggest waits The Wind Waker was released. I saw a couple screens before hand but I didn't think they would make link so young. I at first thought he was 7! I dont want to be saving an entire great sea as a 7 year old! I wouldn't care even if he had all three pieces of the Triforce. The game was still stunning visually but I couldn't get over the fact that Link was so young. And I was also surprised to find out that Tetra (Zelda) was the same age! They totally made him a kid. When i got my hands on a Game Boy I played A link to the Past. I thought nothing bad until i heard child Link's voice coming out of the speakers. When I was playing that game I thought I was a bad ass hero who was like 20.

Although Link's age has nothing to do with the games at all I still think it is an issue. Would you rather be a 7 year old against evil powers or a 19 year old beating all the monsters and wielding the Sword of Evil's Bane and saving the world? You decide.

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