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Twilight Princess

Japanese Release Date: Q2 2005
North American Release Date: Q4 2005

Finally, a graphically more realistic looking Zelda game is in the works for the Nintendo GameCube, and most Zelda fans couldn't be happier. The game, so far, looks really great, and is already, apparently, quite far into development. At the pre-E3 2004 show, the first movie from the latest installation in The Legend of Zelda was unveiled, much to the media's excstatic response. The game has taken on a new look, one which is already looking darker, and more suitable for fans of the classic games.

So far, little is known on specifics regarding the story, but Zelda is indeed in danger once more, and Link sets out to save the land from terrible evil, along the way encountering brand new gimmicks and abilities that have been thrown in.

At E3 2005, Nintendo showcased the new Zelda title, along with it's official title, Twilight Princess. In addition, new game mechanics were introduced, including the ability for Link to transform into a wolf.

The game will also take place in a Hyrule similar to that of Ocarina of Time but on a much larger scale, and will have more dungeons than were found in the N64 prequel. Link will also travel between the normal world, and the twilight world. Some are speculating this traveling between worlds might be similar to the Light and Dark Worlds of A Link to the Past. Well, I'm speculating anyway.

A release has not been set, although we are guessing at a late-2005 date.


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