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A Link to the Past

North American Release Date: 1992
North American GBA Re-release with Four Swords: 2002
Systems: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1992), Game Boy Advance (2002)

In the early '90's, the new Super Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced, a more powerful and different looking system. Shigeru Miyamoto instantly began working on new games for the system. One of these was A Link to the Past.

After monsters and fires began sweeping across Hyrule, Agahnim arrived to help, and extinguished the fires and helped prevent the monsters from terrorizing the lands. Little did the King of Hyrule know that Agahnim was deceitful and would betray the land.

After claiming the throne as his own, Agahnim allowed monsters to spread across Hyrule and started preparing for Ganon's return. Zelda was captured and Link set out on a journey to save the land of Hyrule from darkness and to save the Princess from the clutches of evil.


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