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The Minish Cap

Japanese Release Date: TBA 2004
North American Release Date: TBA 2004
European Release Date: November 12, 2004

Following the success of A Link to the Past and Four Swords on the GBA, Nintendo has decided to bring a new, singleplayer Zelda adventure back to the Game Boy system, using the same graphics engine as the one seen on Four Swords Adventures.

During this adventure, Link will find an interesting new cap; a cap different from the classic cap he always wears; a cap with a mind of its own; a cap which can change Link's size.

The Minish people, who are of miniature size, are in serious danger. Someone or something has been causing trouble, and Link must work with the Minish Cap, a bird-like version of his classic headwarmer, to stop the lurking evil.


Screenshots / Official Art

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