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Zelda Humor

Should you have any Zelda jokes or funny Zelda stories, send them to me at Jokes must be clean, friendly and free of cursing and inappropriate themes. This website is for all ages, so we do not want any inappropriate content.

Doggie bag or bottle? by Adum Fred:

You might be a zelda fan if every time the waiter ask if you want a doggie bag you reply, "No thanks I'd rather take it in a bottle instead."

Zelda Quiz by NiGhTmArE88888:

Zelda Orcarina Of Time Quiz
Q: Name The 6 Sages
A: Ganon!

Q: Who Is Ganon?
A: ME!!!

Q: Whose Ganondorf?
A: Zelda's Best Friend

Q: Who Is The Hero Of Time?

Q: What Do You Use To Kill Ganondorf?
A: Shield!!!

Q: What Is The Boss In the Spirit Temple?
A:Uh...... AN OCTOROK!

Q: Morpha [Lord Of Water] Is In Where?
A: Fire Temple

Q: Who Is Zelda's Enemy?
A: Link Duh Im Not That Stupid

A Joke by Cheatscanner:

Q: Where do you find all of your items?

A: The Lost Woods.

A Funny Quiz by Spriteguy99:

> 1. Who is the bad guy the most? Ganendork
> 2. Who is the Oracle of Ages? Zelda
> 3. Who is Veran? A bad guy
> 4. Who is the hero? Zelda
> 5. Who is the princess? Don't know
> 6. Name the four lands. killer forest and the rest I don't know
> 7. Who is Onyx? Don't know
> 8. Who is the Oracle of Seasons? Ice, fire, dark, light
> 9. Who are/is Ganondork's birth mother? List all three names. I don't know any
> of them
> 10. Who is the Goddess of Courage? Light
> 11. Who is the Goddess of Power? Fire
> 12. Who is the Goddess of Wisdom? Dark
> 13.What is the ancient relic Ganon keeps on going after? Bosses
> 14. Who are the seven sages? Don't know
> 15. What are the seven types of sages?  don know
> 16. Who is Impa in all the cases? Dont know
> 17.Are the hero and princess are brother and sister? I think so
> 18. True or false. There are ten goddesses. True
> 19. True o false. Maple is an expert potion brewer. False
> 20. Name the main two species that are in every game you were to
> study. Ice, fire.

15 ways to know if you are obsessed with Zelda by Archmage_Zelda:

1. Your closet is filled with Green shirts, white tights, and brown boots.

2. You took kendo lessons... for lefties.

3. Your pet parakeet, which goes everywhere with you, knows 5 phrases: "Hey!", "Look!", "Listen!", "Watch out!", and "What would Saria say?"

4. You insist that your girlfriend wear a pink dress and tiara, and you call her "Your Highness".

5. Your best friend is a short person who wears a green spandex jumpsuit and a compass around his neck.

6. The band rejected you because they "don't need any Ocarina players."

7. The fencing club, however, begged you to join.

8. When your girlfriend invites you over to her mansion to study, you always comment on how if she's ever under siege, a moat for tossing useful things in would really help out.

9. People think you whistle when walking past graveyards to keep from freaking out - what they don't know is, you're just trying to find where the Composer Brothers stowed the Sun's Song.

10. Your bathing suit looks just like your regular clothes, except the tunic is blue. Same thing with your cooking apron, except it's Red.

11. Your best friend offered to tattoo a map of Hyrule Overworld on the back of your hand, "In case you ever get lost."

12. Two other girls are after you, so one tried to impress you by dying her hair green, the other by becoming an intern at the veterinarian hospital.

13. You always sleep in bunny pajamas, "so the stalchildren won't rise up and grab you."

14. Tribal Masks and people with red hair and a dark tan are your only fears.

15. You're reading this on a computer with a Zelda desktop theme, Zelda winamp and browser skins, Zelda mouse cursors, a Zelda mousepad, and you have Wind Waker or Master Quest running in your gamecube right now.

The Goron Joke by John:

Q: What do you get when you line up 239,987,564,235 Gorons ear to ear?

A: One really looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong empty tunnel.

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