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The Wind Waker

North American Release Date: 2003
System: GameCube

Approximately one hundred years after Ocarina of Time, the ancient land of Hyrule is gone, drowned beneath the waves of the Great Sea, leaving only the island mountaintops behind.

All the boys wear green eventually, hoping to one day take the place of the Hero of Time and save and protect the world. Link does become that hero.

Link sets out to save his sister, Aryll, from the clutches of Ganon, and is eventually drawn into the story of Zelda, to save the Great Sea's islands from the evil Ganon, who has returned, and use the Master Sword to return peace to the remnants of the old Hyrule, the mountains.

Cel-shading, a special cartoon-like style of graphics are used for TWW and work effectively, showing many emotions and interesting new designs and patterns. Zelda is redefined with a new look.


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