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Posted by Double Edge on August 4, 2005: I don't really have anything to update about except to say that I have, all this time, had our respectable fan artist and author, Ashley Hallett's last name misspelled. So I fixed that by adding the extra 't'.

Yes, that's all I have to update about now. I still require staff members, so please visit the Jobs page. Thanks.

Posted by Double Edge on June 17, 2005: This site has simply fallen into disrepair, and that must end. I have posted some job postings here so if you are interested, please apply.

That's all for today.

Posted by Double Edge on June 5, 2005: I have updated the Twilight Princess section with screenshots and artwork.

Posted by Double Edge on June 2, 2005: I've just updated the new Zelda GameCube 2 section with the game's official title, Twilight Princess and added a little more information in the introduction there.

Posted by Double Edge on May 30, 2005: Well, I'm back. I've had an interesting past few months, and now I've decided to start working on MZ again in my free time.

Yeah, so, expect updates soon.
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