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A Link to the Past Bosses

Ball and Chain Trooper: Use the boomerang to stun the foe, then rush in and attack with your sword.

Armos Knights: These knights will seemingly dance in a circle, but using your arrows, shoot them as they pass by, but be wary, they may eventually become faster and attack you quickly. Should you run out of arrows, use the sword.

Lanmolas: These worms will come up and attack Link. I used my sword to defeat this boss, I just attacked their heads or tails when the opportunity was there. Be careful of the falling rocks when the worms exit the ground.

Moldorm: A large, yellow worm. His tail is the only vulnerable weak point, so as soon as you have a clear shot or opportunity to attack it, hit it.

Agahnim: Using your sword, deflect Agahnim's magical attacks back at him. Simple enough. However, you cannot deflect his lightning attack, so run around the edges of the room to avoid it, or run into a corner.

Helmasaur: The first boss in the Dark World, and one of the most famous of all Zelda bosses, is Helmasaur. To take him out, use the hammer and destroy his mask. Bombs also work. Once his head is exposed attack it with your sword, bombs or arrows.

Arrghus: Tiny bubble-like spheres circle this boss. Use the hookshot to pull the spheres toward you then slash them with your sword. After all the spheres are gone, attack Arrghus to destroy the boss.

Mothula: A large moth with attacks Link with rings of magical fire energy, try to avoid the edges of the arena and attack Mothula with your sword once you get close enough. If you don't think you can get close enough, try arrows or the fire rod.

Blind the Thief: Blind will lose his heads in the sunlight and begin shooting lasers. Avoid those and attack the main part of Blind. Keep trying to take him out until he is destroyed.

Kholdstare: A large eye in a block of ice. When you find him, use your fire rod to thaw the ice around him. When the three eyes begin flying around, try to avoid the parts and be very wary of the falling ice from the ceiling as it can have dire effects. Attack the floating eyes with your sword, arrows or fire rod.

Trinexx: Use the fire rod on his blue head. Attack with your sword. Use the ice rod on his red head. Attack with your sword. Use the sword to attack the flashing part of Trinexx after his heads are taken out, and he will be defeated.

Agahnim: Use your sword to deflect the magic attacks back at Agahnim, and do not allow yourself to be fooled by the mirrors he uses to create reflections of himsef.

Ganon: Ganon is not an easy foe, and he will try to use tricks to take you out. Attack him with your sword. When he tries to extinguish the lights, use the fire rod to re-light the torches. Then attack Ganon with your sword again. When he turns a dark blue ues your silver arrows on him. Repeat the process to defeat Ganon.

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