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A Link to the Past Bottles

A Link to the Past Bottle Locations

1. Get 100 rupiees for that one. Go to Kokariko Village, in the center of the Village, you will see a merchant, speak and buy a bottle from him.

2. Go at Kokariko Village again, check for a very long building ( you can call this a Inn i guess...). Enter by the back door and open the chest.

3. With the flippers, swim below the bridge which leads to the Castle of Hyrule. Then, speak to the soldier, he will give you the bottle.

4. In the dark world, in the old Kokariko Village, go to the old smiths place, it's in ruins. Go inside and after a chest will follow you. Return in the Normal World, then go near the dessert, you will meet a man ( where you see a sign ). He will open the chest for you.

Courtesy Zelda Ultimate.

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