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A Link to the Past Heart Containers

1. Go to northeast Kakariko village. Go up and out of the village. There is a fortunetellerís house. Just go up and into the lost woods. Keep going up until you come across a 3x3 area of bushes. Cut through them until you reveal the middle bush. A hole will be there. Fall in and pick-up the quarter heart container.
2. In Kakariko village. Go to the far northwest. You will see a cave. If you go in the cave you cant get to the other side onto the higher ground. Simply go out of the cave and you will see a square shaped thing with a black hole. Go up to the higher ledge and jump down into the square and you will be back in the cave but on the higher ledge. Bomb a part in the north wall where it is noticeable. Go in and collect the quarter heart.
3. Also in Kakariko village. In the north part of the town there is a small building with a green roof. Go in the building and go to the bottom floor. There is a patch in the wall where you can bomb. Bomb the wall and go through to get a quarter heart container.
4. In the southern part of Kakariko village. The bottom screen. You will have to go through a house and bomb a wall to get to another room. Exit the house from this room and there will be a lady right outside. She says that you will get a reward if you can win the race in 15 or less seconds. Run the race and win it to a quarter heart container.
5. There is a cave on the east side of the desert in southwestern Hyrule. Go into the cave and you will be able to bomb a wall on the southern part of the second room. Go into this new room and get the quarter heart container.
6. While you are in the desert dungeon. You will have to come outside from the left side. Once you are outside you will be on a higher ledge. Go straight down and get the quarter heart container thatís just sitting there.
7. Just west of the sanctuary, there are a few rocks. Remove the big rock and go into the cave and get the quarter heart piece.
8. After you have gotten the flippers from Zoraís Domain. Go straight down from where you bought them and there will be a waterfall. Fall down the first waterfall only. Go to your left and you will be able to enter the huge chunk of land in the middle of Zoraís Domain. Make your way through until you find the quarter heart container.
9. On Death Mountain, after you go up the long stairs heading upwards. Go to your right but staying against the southern edge. There is a small spot where you can fall down and enter into a cave, but dont go into that one. Go a little more against the edge and you should be able to see another cave down there. Jump down into this one and follow it until you get to the heart container.
10. Again on Death Mountain, after you go up the long stairs go right and passing Spectacle Rock. You will be able to see the quarter heart container on top of Spectacle Rock. You use the passage to your right that takes you into the dark world. You will be turned into a bunny if you havenít gotten the moon pearl. Just go to where Spectacle Rock is and close by where you saw the quarter heart container and use the mirror. Simply get the quarter heart container.
11. Just East of the Pyramid of Power. Just go down the first set of stairs and then go to the right and jump down. Make your way around until you finally get to the quarter heart container.
12. The next one is south of the Haunted Grove. To get to the Haunted Grove from your house. Go west and then down. Then go west again. There will be tons of small bushes. Right north of that is the Haunted Grove. The quarter heart container is south of the Haunted Grove. You will see a cave but you cannot reach it. You have to go into the Dark World and then come to this same spot, but here you will be able to get there, but the cave isnít there. Use the mirror and you will be on the platform. Go into the cave and get yourself another quarter heart container.
13. In southeastern Hyrule, Lake Hylia is located. From your house go right a screen and then down. There is a fortunetellerís house there. Just southeast of where you are, in the water, is an island with a heart container on it. Remember where that is. Leave and comeback in the same spot in the Dark World. Jump into the water and find a place where you could stand in and use the mirror shield to get onto the island and then just get the quarter heart container.
14. From your house, go straight down. Keep going down until you have reached the southern part of Hyrule. Go west a screen to find the Swamp Ruins. Go in and move the middle black up one and then move either block to the left or right. Go up and into the door. There are two switches. Pull one and if the water is let through from your right then just leave the place. If its not then pull the other switch and water will be let through. After you leave the Swamp Ruins there will be a quarter heart container waiting for you to your left.
15. Just north of the graveyard, located east of the Sanctuary. There is an unreachable cave. Come back to this same location in the dark world and there will be a ladder going up to this piece of land. From there use your mirror and then go into the cave and get the quarter heart container.
16. Just east of the Lost Woods there are loggers who are cutting down a tree. Comeback after you have beaten Aghanim for the first time and the tree that they were cutting will have turned to yellow. Dash into it from the south side of the tree and the bushes will reveal a hole. Fall into the hole and get the quarter heart container.
17. Remember that cave that took you to Death Mountain. Go back there in the Dark World. It is just east of Skelaton Forest. There is still a cave there. Go in the cave. Follow the little puzzle until you will reach a spot where there is a hole in the ground. Use your hookshot to get across. Then there is a thing that reflects you back if you run into it. Put on the Magic Cape and walk through. Exit the cave and the quarter heart will be waiting for you.
18. In the Village of Outcasts, there is a treasure chest game in the northwestern part of the town. There is a heart container in one of the treasures. This might take a long time but eventually you will get the quarter heart container.
19. Just east of the Village of Outcasts, there are a bunch of stakes in a few rows. Use the hammer and hit all the stakes. After you have hit all of them a cave entrance will appear to the south of the stakes. Go in and get the quarter heart container.
20. Remember where you raced for a quarter heart container in the Light World. In south Kakariko Village, near the bookstore. Well, go back there and there is a new game. You get a shovel to start wit and go digging for a quarter heart container. It may take a while, but you will eventually get the quarter heart container.
21. Use the flute in the light world and go to the desert. Move the rock there and go back into the Dark World. In the Swamp of Evil there is a cave west of Misery Mire. Go into the cave and get the quarter heart container.
22. In the northeast corner of the desert there is a light boulder. This boulder can only be reached from the Dark World. Use the flute and go into the Desert. Life the black rock and go into the Dark World. Now you are in the swamp of evil. Go to the very northwest of the swamp of evil and use your mirror to get to the light world. Here life the light boulder that will reveal a cave. Go into the cave and get the quarter piece of heart.
23. While you are in the Dark World east of Ganonís Tower. After passing the bridge there is a large boulder. Lift it to reveal a hole. Go into this hole and go straight up. There will be a break in the ground where you canít get across. Or can you? Use either the Ether or Somaria medallion and it will reveal the correct way to get past. Go across and go up. There are a few walls where you can bomb here. Make your way through here until you are out side again on a mountain peek. Use the mirror and you will find a quarter heart container right there for the taking.
24. While you are going through Turtle Rock, half way through there is a part where you have to go outside and then walk across a plain. Then you go in and get the Mirror Shield. Go back outside and use the mirror and go into the cave in light world. Make your way around until you get the quarter heart container.

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