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A Link to the Past Instruction Items

Sword: Link's main item and weapon.

Shield: The item used to protect Link from enemy attacks. The shield has three different levels of power.

Armour: In addition to the Green Armour, there are also Blue and Red armour. Armour protects Link from injury from certain attacks.

Pegasus Shoes: When Link wears these, he has the ability to move at very high speeds.

Power Glove: This allows Link to lift and throw very heavy objects.

Zora's Flippers: These allow Link to swim.

Moon Pearl: This gem can control the power of the Triforce. Link must collect the Moon Pearls.

Boomerang: The weapon which, once thrown, returns to Link. It can stun and destroy enemies.

Bombs: This weapon can be used against enemies or to access new areas.

Bottle: Link can carry different items in bottles.

Book of Mudora: Link can use the Book of Mudora to decipher writings he cannot read.

Bow: This weapon allows Link to strike from large distances.

Hookshot: This item allows Link to attack enemies and gain otherwise unreachable areas.

Flute: This item allows Link to play music.

Roc's Cape: Allows Link to jump.

Magic Powder: This powdery substance has magical properties to it and can affect certain objects in different ways.

Quake: A magical spell which rocks the ground around Link and can destroy enemies.

Ether: A lighting-like magical attack which can damage enemies.

Ice Rod: A magical rod which shoots cold ice at enemies and damages them.

Fire Rod: A magical rod which shoots hot fire at enemies and damages them.

Lamp: One of Link's first items, this allows him to see in the dark, and light extinguished torches.

Magic Hammer: A powerful hammer that can be used to attack enemies and pound switches and even some obstacles.

Bug-catching net: This does exactly as the name implies.

Magic Mirror: This item allows Link to travel between the Light and Dark World, and warp back to the beginning of a dungeon.

Cane of Somaria: This magical can allows Link to create blocks which can be used for various purposes.

Shovel: Allows Link to dig up the ground and retrieve items that may be buried.

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