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The Adventure of Link Bosses

Horsehead: A strange horse-headed knight, Horsehead attacks with a spiked hammer. To defeat Horsehead, jump and attack his head.

Helmethead: Another knight with a shield and sword is the next boss. You must slash off his three heads, but when you do, they fly around and shoot fire at Link. Try to avoid these attacks. A shield spell may prove invaluable to you this time around.

Iron Knuckle: This knight brings his horse, so take out the horse by slashing it. Then the Iron Knuckle will dismount and just take him out as any other Iron Knuckle.

Carock: Carock is a powerful wizzrobe, and he shoots magic at you, so use your reflect spell, and the battle may be over quicker than you thought.

Gooma: A ball and chain warrior, you will have to avoid his attack quickly, lest the ball and chain hit and damage you. When you avoid the attacks, run in and attack Gooma with your sword.

Barba: A fire-breathing dragon who lives within lava. The best bet is to attack his head, but be wary that you do not jump into the fiery lava.

Thunderbird: This is a powerful enemy, so do not risk allowing a hit. Use the thunder spell and then attack the beast itself.

Shadow Link: The evil spirit of Ganon has been put into an evil shadow version of Link himself. This battle is not easy, and the best way to fight the shadow would be to simply keep up the attack relentlessly until you hit him, or at the moment the shadow gets to close, swing the sword.

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