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The Adventure of Link Heart Containers

1. South of the first palace, you'll find a road leading to a small forest. One part of the road will take Link to a scrolling scene, where Link must hump over pits and avoid bubbles. Afterwords keep heading south, and there will be a 3x3 area with only the middile space empty. It will take you to a battle scene. The Heart Container will be to your right, guarded by an Goriya. Destroy the Goriya and then get the Heart Container to refill the energy you might have lost.
2. After getting the Hammer, destroy the rock next to Rauru Town. Immediately, go east and you will find a rock blocking a cave. Break the rock guarding the cave, and a Heart Container will be found at the end of the cave.
3. After getting the Boots, walk into the sea as you would to get to the fifth palace. After some walking to the midst of the sea (this part is difficult to find), move north four spaces, then continue east. You'll come across a mountain with a mountain holding a Heart Container.
4. Search south east in the beach around the sixth palace. The last Heart will be in that area.

Courtesy Zelda Dungeon.

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