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There has been quite a bit of controversy regarding the cel-shading techniques used for the graphical style in The Wind Waker. Some like it and some don't. Some want a realistic look, others don't. Did Nintendo do the right thing by going cel-shaded?

They did not necessarily do the wrong thing. The new graphics are really interesting and very well done. The Legend of Zelda is an epic series, and it depends on how the player views the game. A realistic graphics style gives the game an epic, realistic look, something that people can almost relate to. With cel-shading, people find an interesting graphics style which still contains the in depth storyline and familiar figures and dynamic idea.

Realistic graphics are something almost everyone has. For me, I think it would be interesting to see the world of Hyrule in a realistic view, however in cel-shading, we still have the same world and lands, but they are simply created differently.

It's how you view Zelda. Although each graphical style has it's own advantages and disadvantages, there is not clear choice as to which is better. Both give Zelda a unique and entertaining look, and both continue the legend of Zelda..

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