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Cheats and Tricks

If you have any tricks, cheats or codes for any of the Zelda games, be sure to send them in to, thanks.

The Legend of Zelda:

Secret Menu: In LoZ, press Start on controller one, then up and A on controller two simultaneously.

Second Quest: If you want to play the second quest, create a new game with the name ZELDA.

The Adventure of Link:

Secret Menu: As in LoZ, press Start on controller one, then on controller two, press up and A, all simultaneously. You can then save the game, for example, if you are in trouble.

Game Genie Codes: Put the following codes into your Game Genie to activate them:

1. AAUOLIAL : Link flies in the direction towards which it jumps if you maintain "A" supported.
2. IIPPPP : Modify the plan. Will function perhaps only in the Northern part of the chart.
3. VVPPAA : When you enter a city, a keep etc... you will fall from the sky, that will get you to explore hidden or inaccessible places.
4. ISISPP : Link goes much more quickly in the cities and the keeps.
5. SZKGKXVK : Infinite lives.
6. PASKPLLA : You begin the part with 1 life.
7. TASKPLLA : You begin the part with 6 lives.
8. PASKPLLE : You begin the part with 9 lives.
9. AZUOLIAL : Mega jump.
10. OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA : Replace the shield by the Spell Fire.
11. LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE : Replace the shield by the Spell Fire.
12. LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA : Replace the shield by Spell Spell.
13. IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE : Replace the shield by Life Spell.
14. VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA : Replace the shield by Thunder Spell.

Courtesy Zelda Ultimate.

A Link to the Past:

Bee Trick: If you catch a bee and let it loose near an enemy, it will attack the monster.

Link's Awakening:

Steal Items: In Link's Awakening, at the main shop, if you cannot afford to buy an item you want or need, simply pick it up and run around the shopkeeper continually. He will try to follow you, but eventually he will be facing the opposite wall, away from you. When he is facing away from you, try to run out the door. If you did this correctly, he will not stop you. But, if you return later, he will kill you.

Ocarina of Time:

Endless Skulltula Tokens: To get an endless number of Skulltula Tokens, as young Link, go to Hyrule Castle. At the corner, next to the moat, right in front of the tree, behind the fence, there is a hole. Go down, blow up the wall, and behind is a Skulltula. Then, kill the skulltula, and using a boomerang, get the token. But before the boomerang returns, backflip back into the light and leave the hole before Link catches the boomerang.

Get out of Kokiri Forest without Kokiri Sword: Note that this cheat involves the crooked cartidge trick, which could cause your game to have problems. It is also possible to lose your game data, so if you can copy it to a new game file, or if you have just recently started a new file, then that would be the best if you wish to try this.

Use the crooked cartridge trick (not on Maximum Zelda) and the gaurd will freeze up and you can just walk through him then push the cartridge back in and play normally! NOTE: Doing this could cause you to lose all the saved files on your cartridge and this trick will only work on the N64 version!)

Majora's Mask

Game Shark Codes Requires Game Shark Pro 3.3

Enable Code: F1096820 2400

FF000220 0000

Moonjump: D03E6B3B 0020
813FFE18 40CB

Anything, Anywhere(Use any item anywhere, including Fierce Diety mask!) 811F3588 0000
811F358A 0000

Enable by Dark Serge, CodeMan, and Deaper
Moonjump by Dark Serge
Anything, anywhere by Alan 00X

Some more Game Shark Codes Requires Game Shark 2.5 or Game Shark Pro 3.3

To use these codes, enable the Zelda Keycode:

Enable Code Must Be On!

F1096820 2400
FF000220 0000

Use Fierce Deity's Mask Anywhere / Enable All Blacked Out Items Cheat

811F3588 0000
811F358A 0000

Press L For Moon Jump Cheat

D03E6B3B 0020
813FFE18 40CB

Infinite Health Cheat

811EF6A6 0140

Maximum Health Cheat

811EF6A4 0140

Infinite Magic Cheat

801EF6A9 0030

Infinite Rupees

811EF6AA 03E7

Infinite Arrows

801EF711 0009

Infinite Bombs

801EF716 0009

Infinite Bombachus

801EF717 0009

Infinite Deku Sticks

801EF718 0009

Infinte Deku Nuts

801EF719 0009

Infinite Magic Beans

801EF71A 0009

Infinite Powder Keg

801EF71C 0009

Have Ocarina of Time

801EF6E0 0000

Have Hero's Bow

801EF6E1 0001

Have Fire Arrow

801EF6E2 0002

Have Ice Arrow

801EF6E3 0003

Have Light Arrow

801EF6E4 0004

Have Bomb

801EF6E6 0006

Have Bombchu

801EF6E7 0007

Have Deku Stick

801EF6E8 0008

Have Deku Nut

801EF6E9 0009

Have Magic Beans

801EF6EA 000A

Have Powder Keg

801EF6EC 000C

Have Pictograph Box

801EF6ED 000D

Have Lens Of Truth

801EF6EE 000E

Have Hookshot

801EF6EF 000F

Have Postman's Mask

801EF6F8 003E

Have All-Night Mask

801EF6F9 0038

Have Blast Mask

801EF6FA 0047

Have Stone Mask

801EF6FB 0045

Have Great Fairy's Mask

801EF6FC 0040

Have Deku Mask

801EF6FD 0032

Have Keaton Mask

801EF6FE 003A

Have Breman Mask

801EF6FF 0046

Have Bunny Hood

801EF700 0039

Have Don Gero's Mask

801EF701 0042

Have Mask of Scents

801EF702 0048

Have Goron Mask

801EF703 0033

Have Romani's Mask

801EF704 003C

Have Circus Leader's Mask

801EF705 003D

Have Kafei's Mask

801EF706 0037

Have Couple Mask

801EF707 003F

Have Mask of Truth

801EF708 0036

Have Zora Mask

801EF709 0034

Have Kamaro's Mask

801EF70A 0043

Have Gibdo Mask

801EF70B 0041

Have Garo's Mask

801EF70C 003B

Have Captain's Hat

801EF70D 0044

Have Giant's Mask

801EF70E 0049

Have Fierce Diety's Mask

801EF70F 0035

Thanks to Blue Arrow.

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