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Zelda - Classic Versus New

Although I played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past prior to the release of Ocarina of Time, I never became a really great fan of the series until 1998, when I got Ocarina of Time. After that, my liking for the series grew, and I continued to play the games. I was one of the newcomers to the series, thanks to Ocarina of Time.

Are the newer games or the older games better? My opinion? Neither. Both the new and the old are great games. Fans of the series since the '80s would probably say that the older games are better, having storylines which aren't reused from previous Zelda titles, and the younger fans probably like the new games with their more modern and impressive graphics.

I'm going to cut this article short for two reasons:

1. The entire Zelda series is great, in my opinion.
2. Like I stated in reason 1, it is personal opinion.

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