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Deku Scrub

Deku Scrub

Written by Ashley Hallett


Soft, blue eyes scanned the rosy-hued horizon bleakly as a delicate hand brushed back golden strands of hair that blew freely in the cool breeze. The young princess sighed as she gazed upon the prosperous Hylian land that stretched out beyond her castle balcony, it’s beauty unnoticed. Worried thoughts trickled through Zelda’s mind and tears blinded her vision without warning.

It’s hopeless. The princess clenched her teeth under a bowed head. It has been too long: nearly two seasons is just too long.


Zelda thought back to what was no more then five months ago, when Link had grown restless in the castle and embarked on a journey, trying to satisfy the blood-lust that the evil Ganondorf had corrupted not long before. She had pleaded with the young hero to stay, but he would not heed to her pitiful sobs of grief. Taking up his sword and shield, Link mounted his horse, his conscious mind muddled with the cries of foreign battles that he felt drawn to answer.

Though filled with sorrow, Zelda had stood at the gate of the great castle to see the Hylian warrior away. For some odd reason, the flawless warmth of the suns bright rays did nothing more but darken her mood, yet she somehow managed to keep her composure.

Blonde bangs framed Link’s confident expression as he wrapped Epona’s reins tightly around his right hand. Despite numerous scars and a rugged appearance, Zelda had never seen a more dignified semblance in any other man except that of her father. Gently he had brushed his free hand over her cheek, his thumb smoothing over her lips just before pushing her long hair back behind her neck.

Mesmerized by his pretty eyes that reflected the blue, cloudless sky, the princess of all Hyrule subconsciously spoke her thoughts.  “Don’t go.” she said, in a loud, almost frantic whisper.

Link’s handsome face softened with concern. “I must go.”

“You might not come back.”

“I will.”

Zelda swallowed hard, she knew there was no use arguing with Link’s persistence. “When?”

Link bit his lip, clearly thinking as he gazed off into the distance. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he looked back down at her. “Here.” He said, undoing a long, dark cloak from around his shoulders. “It’s too warm for this.” He handed it to her, grinning boyishly. “Let’s just say that I will be back before I’m ever needing it.”

Zelda folded the cloak in her arms; she knew it wasn’t the wisest idea for him to leave, but her faith in the young lad’s skill and courage now told her otherwise. After all, the goddesses themselves had marked him with the peculiar symbol of the sacred realm because of his valor, and as long as they were on his side, he would be protected.

“I want you to take this with you.” Zelda fumbled through the folds of her own silk cloak that she had been wearing, pulling out a small, rounded instrument.

Link relieved her of the pearl blue object and inspected it knowingly. “The Ocarina of Time….” He looked at her, undecided. “Zelda, I don’t know….”

“You’ve kept it once before.”

“I had no choice.”

“You had need of it on your last quest, what makes this any different?”

Link shook his head. “It belongs with the Royal Family, you should keep it.”

Zelda’s tone became low and serious. “Link, as a member of the Royal Family, I can see you executed for arguing over this with me.” She paused.  “Please take it.”

Although Link knew Zelda’s threat to be an obvious joke, he didn’t wish to agitate the matter any more. Shaking his head good-naturedly, he stuck the ocarina in his traveling pouch. “I’d better be going.” He squeezed her hand. “Good-bye.”

Zelda’s voice cracked suddenly. “But.” Her eyes watered, desperation overwhelming her. “I love you, Link. I need you.”

The mounted Hylian kissed her hand, softening her tight grasp around his own, finally letting it go. “I love you too.”

The princess watched him ride away, the last words he had spoken echoing through her mind:

“…And I know your going to be all right.”

Although she wanted to believe those words, Zelda didn’t know if there could possibly be any truth behind them.


All that was left of the setting sun was a pinkish-purple strip of light.  The moon shone like a silver coin, glowing eerily in the cold sky while a few early stars peeked out from around the dark blanket of night.

Zelda brought her head up, shivering as she tightened Links cloak around her. Taking a corner of the warm fabric, she dried her eyes.

Leaning over the balcony, Zelda looked down through the darkness at what she knew was the courtyard far down below. Suddenly she felt the urge to want to jump. The thought of ending her life at that moment seemed to almost comfort her: if Link was dead, so should she be. But the hope that her young warrior still lived was not all lost, and just the thought of it burned like fire through her chest. You’re going to be all right.  


Zelda backed away from the balcony.


“Is everything okay, Princess?”

Zelda tried not to show just how startled she was by the voice behind her. Calmly she turned around to see her royal guardian, Impa, towering over her, one hand on her hip, the other casually rested on her sword hilt, glistening in the moonlight.

Impa smiled warmly. “I’m sorry. Did I frighten you?”

“Just a little.” Zelda lied

Impa took a couple steps towards her, back straight and arm swinging in a soldier-like manner that seemed to come with the Sheikah warrior naturally. Besides the gray pony tail that bobbed just above her shoulders and the painted designs that were worn below her pale eyes, Impa could easily be mistaken for a good sized man. She towered over almost every soldier in the kingdom and remained one of the strongest through tough training and discipline.

Despite the fact that her own delicate nature clashed with Impa’s dutiful stiffness, Zelda was quite fond of her swords mistress, and treated her like a close friend rather then just another servant. She smiled warmly. “I wasn’t expecting you during one of your favorite practice hours.” She confessed.

Impa glanced down at her sword. “Yes, well, that’s what I had been doing before I was interrupted.” She scrunched her forehead in distaste. “But it seems something has come up. The king has requested your presence in his main throne chamber immediately.”

Zelda’s face lit up. “My father wants to see me?”

The Sheikah crossed her arms. “Actually, no. The Gerudo thief, Nabooru, has asked to meet with the Royal Family to discuss a certain urgent matter that she claims could not wait.”

The Hylian princess could sense hatred in Impa’s bitter tone. Centuries ago, Gerudo’s and Sheikah had despised one another; yet history had claimed they had made peace during a certain revolutionary era. Despite this fact, most of either race still harbored the ancient grudge, and both kept their distance.  

Ignoring Impa’s rising temper, Zelda’s face flushed with worry. “What urgent matter?”

The royal guardian sniffed. “I have no idea, you know how secretive Nabooru can be.” She rubbed her hands over her bare arms for warmth. “Well, whatever it is, we won’t find out standing way up here. Come along, your Highness, it’s much to cold for you to be out here any ways.”

 Zelda rolled her eyes at the over-protectiveness of her guard, yet the curiosity pertaining to the foreign queen’s visit left her no intentions to argue with her request. With the dark cloak still wrapped around her, she quickly followed Impa’s long strides out of the cold night air and through the long, candlelit corridors of the castle, the anticipation of Link’s return set aside temporarily as she hurried to meet the kings guest.


The Hylian King smiled at his daughter as she entered the throne room. He watched as she silently filed past and took her place only a few feet from his own seat, not forgetting a respectful nod to the foreign visitors who bowed low upon the richly carpeted floor. Impa managed an audible sniff as she stood herself just behind Zelda’s left shoulder, as it was her duty.

There were three Gerudo present with Nabooru being the most distinguished. Her garb was quite foreign yet elegantly so of an assortment of silk and gold, but to a rather revealing state, especially to the more modest Hylians. Long dangling earrings, thick gold necklaces and bracelets all of the finest metallic perfection was flaunted against her dark skin. Being a renounced, agile fighter she wore a light cutlass at her side and kept her thick red hair, which is said to dance like wildfire to her opponents, pulled back in a ponytail. The other two thieves stood at either side of her, both looking of the same description only not as richly dressed and neither had a weapon.

The king smiled towards his guests. “It is so wonderful to see you again, Nabooru. You’ve taken us by surprise by such an untimely visit, however.  You Gerudo mainly like to hide out in the desert during the cold, winter season.”

“They probably came to steal.” Impa couldn’t help but murmur under her breath, just loud enough for the Queen of Thieves to hear her.

“I’d watch your words if you value your tongue, Gray One.” Nabooru remarked, coolly.

Impa’s eyes narrowed as she touched her hand to her sword hilt.

“That will be quite enough.” The King of Hyrule frowned, eyeing Impa harshly. His gaze softened and fell on the Gerudo’s. “Nabooru, please do shine some light on this rare occasion.”

“Certainly.” Nabooru spoke politely. “Over the last few weeks I have been receiving information from my scouts of a deku scrub traveling due north through my desert.”

There was an obvious surprise from the viewers.

“A deku scrub?” Are you sure of this Nabooru?

“I was uncertain of this myself when the first reports came in, but a little less the a week ago one of my most renounced fighters came across this deku scrub and actually got close enough to attack it.”

“So it has been slain.” The King concluded, a deku scrub, after all, couldn’t possibly stand any chance against a Gerudo warrior.

“No.” Nabooru shook her head, sadly. “This is a deku scrub unlike none we have ever known before. It actually managed to disarm and injure my scout. She says that she was left to its mercy, but instead of slaying her, it chose only to flee.”

The king’s eyes grew wide. “The deku outmatched a Gerudo?! This is strange indeed! Was she able to describe it to you?”

“Yes, finally after almost two days of traveling through the desert with her injuries, she finally was well enough to speak to me.” Nabooru paused, as if searching for the right words. “She said he was actually a cute little creature for a deku, and if they weren’t so evil she would have preferred to keep it as a pet.” She paused again. “He couldn’t have stood taller then to your knee, and he spun around and attacked with the long hat he wore on his head.”

Everyone in the court looked at Nabooru as if she was joking, but her serious expression remained, unaltered. The king seemed deep in thought on his throne, taking in the Gerudo account, which didn’t seem to make much sense. Impa was shocked, although she despised them, the Gerudo’s weren’t pushovers and the very idea of one of them getting so much as a scratch from an encounter with a deku scrub was unheard of. Zelda’s thoughts were overflowing with questions yet she remained unspoken.

Nabooru’s voice broke the silence. “I understand your disbelief, but this tale has been confirmed as honest truth from one of my most trusted and respected soldiers. She also told me that this deku, or whatever it may be, according to its trail, was heading directly towards Hyrule. Now, as I had said before, this occurrence had taken place not a week ago, so as far as I know, that fiend is in your Kingdom as we speak.

A small gasp escaped from the throats of onlookers. Deku scrubs weren’t generally a big deal or scary themselves, but their hearts were wicked and they had a strong sense of evil. Wherever deku scrubs gather, there is a dark presence that draws them to that spot. The last time deku scrubs had infested Hyrule was when Ganondorf had risen into power and none of them had remained after his defeat.

It was now the king that broke the pause. “There must be something that is drawing that demon through our land, or maybe even in it. Are you sure there is only one?”

“Nothing is certain, but there could very well be others. Sire, we must take action, a deku scrub isn’t usually very strong on its own, but its wickedness does supply much power for the evil it is drawn to. The more deku scrubs that this dark influence draws, the more powerful it will become. And even if there isn’t a malevolence controlling it, any deku scrub that can injure one of my trained warriors is dangerous in my book. This thing must be hunted and killed.”

Much agreement was voiced throughout the audience and the king confirmed Nabooru’s plan into action. Brigades from both kingdoms were sent out immediately and it was ordered for the lands inhabitants to stay in their homes as much as was feasible to insure an unhindered and thorough search.

The King of Hyrule would risk no harm to his only child and Zelda was immediately ushered to her quarters, where she was to stay under the heavy protection of Impa until the latest commotion had settled. For a long two weeks, the lonely Hylian princess hardly left her bedchamber, with only her balcony as a link to the outside world.

For what she was worth, Impa tried to be of any assistance necessary to rid her mistress of the growing depression that overshadowed her. Zelda’s mind wandered, more and more distant with every passing day. She hardly ate and seemed to forget even how to speak. When she did find rest, it wasn’t long before she discovered it to be darkened with nightmares, and often Impa would have to rouse her roughly to shatter the horrid images of her subconscious.

“He’s dead, he’s lost! All is lost…….closed…..cold….so cold.”

“You’re ill!” Impa clutched her, as if to protect her from the hinderane of unseen spirits.

Tears fell endlessly from Zelda’s terror stricken eyes as she lay, enveloped by Impa’s strong embrace. “So cold… hopeless…..”


It had now been two weeks and a day since Zelda had been kept under strict protection. Her state was horrible, eyes sore and tired from weeping, lips that quivered, and a pale and weary body that shook pitifully. Impa addressed the king on the issue. “Sire, I’m worried for you’re daughter, if this keeps up much longer…….” Impa trailed off, eyes watering.

The king appeared very troubled by Impa’s words. “She only became like this since the news of this mysterious deku scrub. You don’t think…..This evil power…….Has it overtaken her?”

“Its hard to say, My Lord. But, whatever the source for her strange behavior and conditions, it must be sought and destroyed IMMEDIATLEY. Much supernatural force, I believe, is at work here.”

The king cupped a hand over his brow. “I’ve been so wrapped up in the current turn of events, her confinement should have been for the best. All I care about is her safety.” The king rose. “All that has taken place in the search may as well turn out to be a huge waste of time. My men have found some indication of deku activity, but not one was ever found. I will give this expedition another week and then drop the issue. Your job until then is to take care of my daughter, bring the finest physicians to her aid.”

“Already done, Sire.” Impa bowed.

“Good, good.” The king nodded. “You are dismissed.”

Impa turned towards the exit. “Um, Sire?”


“Have you received any information concerning the whereabouts and activity of Link?”

The king sighed. “The last of my men to see Link said that he was galloping roughly west of here, far away, but no farther then I’m sure you have traveled.” The king nodded towards Impa in implication, then continued. “That was nearly three months ago, I’m afraid. Since then we’ve lost all contact with him. I’ve sensed in the spirits of the earth and in my own heart that something dreadful has happened, but I’m not going to dare mention that to my daughter, at least not yet.”

“Her nightmares are of him.” Impa confirmed, shaking her head. “Her mind is haunted by his memory, it’s consuming her. I fear that it may have a lot to do with her present condition.”

The king’s voice hardened. “That is nonsense! My daughter is much stronger then that, she would never sacrifice happiness for the fait of another.”

“She’s still young, she just may have. We are both aware of the affection those two had for each other. I’m afraid that in the end, your daughter will be terribly hurt.”

“Zelda is not a weakling! I find it hard to believe that that would ever happen!” The king roared suddenly.

Impa was startled, but she kept her shock well hidden. “You don’t know you’re daughter well at all……If you only knew…..”

The king of all Hyrule turned his back in clear dismissal.

Impa’s jaw tightened. “Zelda’s not as strong as you think she is and I fear she’ll be beyond our reach before you finally find the humility to figure that out.” With that, Impa marched out, and their discussion came to an end.


Impa returned the Princesses quarters, finding Zelda looking out beyond her balcony, which was a sight she had now become accustomed to witness. Zelda turned to her, fair strands of hair blowing lazily about her pale face. She stood, a picture of radiant splendor, appearing as if she were a golden statue, reflecting the shy beams of a wintered sun. Link’s ragged cloak hung loosely around her shoulders, as a seemingly offensive contrast to her otherwise elegant apparel, and it stood out, like a giant black hole in the midst of heaven. She spoke. “I had another dream just now.” She gathered her strength, and turned to look out once more. “He is close to us now, so very close……” Her voice trailed off, as if she was lost in the ebony curtains of her mind.

Impa said nothing, waiting. She understood that Zelda was going to speak again.

“I fear…” Zelda began again, weakly. “I fear that his tidings are not good…..His heart is sick and troubled…”

Impa wanted to voice questions, but she held herself back.

 Zelda clutched the cloak closer to her body, as if a cold wind had stirred; yet the air had remained motionless. “Things will not be well in the end.”

Impa had been trained to hide all feelings and emotions while on duty, which was all the time, but she couldn’t suppress the tears that now began to run down her face. She ran and caught the Princess as she shuddered and collapsed. The Shiekan warrior sobbed, now freely. “All your life I have protected you……But how can I now? How can I?”




The blankets were over Zelda’s head when she awoke in the middle of that night. It took her a couple seconds to realize where she was, and what must have happened. She drew back the covers, but she still couldn’t see much through the thick darkness. “I thought I heard someone in here.” She thought to herself, as she gazed around, allowing her eyes to adjust to the black air. She sat, motionless for minutes; something told her that she wasn’t alone. Her heart beat like a mad rabbit in her chest, so loud that she feared that this “other presence” could hear it.

More time passed and there was still nothing; Zelda was beginning to suspect that she was hallucinating. “Link?” She spoke, and waited. She scanned her room, her eyes now able to see more clearly. It was empty, lonely. “Link, is that you?” She spoke a little louder.

Pushing all alarm and stimulation aside, the princess lay down in her bed, almost disappointed. She rested there, peering through half closed lids. She felt watched. “It must be Impa.” She concluded. “She’s probably staring down my door, waiting to hear me to wake up from my next nightmare.” The thought was comforting, and with that she drifted back to sleep.


Zelda looked up from her soft curtain of sleep. “Link?”

The Hylian warrior peered down at her with eyes that shined innocently through scattered strands of hair that he was always too lazy to cut. He looked just as he had before he left and he smiled comfortingly.

Zelda reached out to him, but her arm wouldn’t move. There was so much she wanted to say but when she opened her mouth, everything just came out in a confused jumble of letters.

Link didn’t seem to notice her struggled speech. His face remained frozen in that same reassuring expression as he took her hand.

&The Princess of all Hyrule felt something smooth and cool being pressed into her relaxed fingers and slowly Link faded away. Soon all that seemed to remain was his strong gaze, the blue of his eyes blazed like twin orbs, fixed on his helpless princess as long as they could. It was then he spoke.


Zelda’s eyes flickered, and she awoke with a start, staring into the early morning dimness.  A dream, her eyes moistened.

As sleep slowly left her countenance, something suddenly caught Zelda’s attention in the left corner of her eye. Her senses roused, she now became fully aware of the small, squeaking shadow that lurked in her bed chamber-“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! Impa! Impa! Come quick!”

Impa battered in like lightening, knocking over a crystal vase and nightstand in a furious frenzy, drawing her sword with all the agility of a disciplined fighter.

&There it was, the small deku scrub, right in the Princesses bedroom. Zelda shrieked once again, dashing out of bed to get as far away from the demon as possible.

Impa was upon the creature immediately, driving her weapon directly down upon it in a fearsome strick. It should have easily ended there, but the deku blocked it miraculously with an impressive spin, sending the razor-sharp hat he wore slicing Impa three or four times lightly on her unprotected forearms. Before The Sheikah could retaliate, the deku had now spun around until he was directly behind her.

Surprisingly, the deku scrub did not attack even though, for a moment, it seemed to have the upper hand. It glanced in Zelda’s direction and she peered back, terrified. Their minds seemed to touch for a sheer moment, studying each other. This wasn’t a deku scrub like Zelda had ever seen. The demon was short with a lean, wooded body. He wore leather boots, and gloves with a tunic like a man. It was hard to make out the color or detail of its garments but its hat was long, probably the same length of his body and seemed to provide good defense for the creature. Its face was sad looking, with a big hole for a mouth like a hallowed out log. There was something to be noticed about the eyes, however, something about them, something comforting and familiar. Zelda’s heart skipped.

The moment was lost and the battle continued. Impa constantly lunged herself with all her strength upon the creature, every time being desperately fought off with the insane spinning of the scrubs peculiar weaponry, sending her away with more small scratches. The Princess found herself being dragged back to fevered thoughts, something wasn’t right. Impa continued to attack; yet all the deku scrub would do was fight her off lightly and run away.

Now there were several guards standing in the doorway watching the whole scene. None of them dared to interfere with one of Impa’s fights, so they remained as anxious spectators.

“Somebody awaken the king.” A voice spoke.

Zelda wandered back into the dreary semi consciousness that been clutching her mind over the past several weeks. All that was happening around her seemed to be lost in a thick fog and the very last pieces of her previous dream became fearsomely clear.

She saw Link once again, as he was in his dream, fading away. He had given her something….Ah yes, she knew what that was.

“It is over.” She spoke. “Welcome home.”

Link didn’t answer at first. He gazed on her, now sadly, slowly fading away until his body seem to take the form of a shadow. “I am sorry for this.” He spoke. “I’m sorry that destiny has thrown us such a harsh turn.” Zelda began to cry. “I am glad, however, that I was able to return once more to see you….Move on, forget me and you’ll be fine.” There was a brief pause. “I still love you.”


“Nooooooo!!” The blanket that had been briefly thrown over reality was now lifted and Zelda regained full consciousness. The sun was now rising, casting long, golden beams through the giant opening of her balcony. A shiny object now caught Zelda’s eye amidst the folds of blankets upon her bed. Gathering herself up quickly, Zelda snatched the pearl blue Ocarina of Time and studied it with horrified disbelief. I’m sorry for this. Link’s words echoed in her head, each syllable burning a hole in her chest.

Impa and at least a dozen Hylian guards had Link surrounded on the balcony. For a time, he had been able to hold them off, but more were beginning to come. They jabbed at his now small, alienated form and his weakening body began to fail. If only he hadn’t lingered to gaze upon his sleeping Zelda for so long, he could have been gone, leaving in peace to live out his life in the thick forests of the Lost Woods, never again to return and face the cruel memory of a land that he loved and was forced leave, along with the girl he left behind. Fighting now seemed hopeless; perhaps it would be better now to die by the hands of those you love, rather then to live a long life as an outcast.

He looked up at the sound of Zelda’s scream, seeing her standing there in sad disbelief broke his heart. She gazed at him, tears splashing on the ocarina that lay in the palm of her hand.

Seeing her like that, Link lost all his will to survive. The sun was now fully up as he bowed his head in submission. Goodbye.

Zelda dashed out, hands raised. “Liinnk, noooooo!!!!”



“Your Majesty, you have a foreign visitor.”

The king bleakly nodded his head towards his attendant who in moments time lead in a rather slim traveler.

The King studied the man with tired eyes. His garments were not of such as he had seen before, having bright purple slacks with shoes that curved at the toe. His shirt was loose and the same color as his pants and he wore an exceedingly large brown bag on his back. His visage seemed to be frozen in an impish grin and what was left of his receding red hair was slicked to the side. Perhaps it was only his bad attitude at the time, but the King did not like the looks of this person. “Who are you?”

“Greetings, King of Hyrule.” The stranger bowed low, causing the big brown bag on his back to rock forward, almost knocking him over.

The king just stared at him.

The stranger didn’t seem at all intimidated by the cold welcome and carried on, good-naturedly. “I am a simple traveling merchant.” His voice was soft and flat, yet his animated expressions as he spoke kept any audience from noticing the dull speech. “It seems I have arrived during a sad time, from a far off I could see the beacons of your country burn. What evil has shaken this land?”

“We have lost one very dear to us, one who was as a son to me and would have most likely taken my place one day, after his adventurous spirit had settled.” The King sighed deeply. “What you have witnessed is a time of silence and mourning that I have ordered of my people.” He rose. “It surprises me that you haven’t heard of this countries most recent catastrophe.”

“I had no knowledge, Sire.” The merchant said, reverently. “I’ve heard so much of your prosperous nation, but I had never before been blessed to set foot in these lands myself.”

“You compliment generously, yet it does surprise me that one who travels as much as you hadn’t picked up any word of gossip from our neighboring nations concerning what had happened here.”

The merchant shook his head. “Haven’t been in any of your neighboring nations.”

The king was confused. “But then how did you-?”

“I have come to inquire about a traveling warrior I met up with in my own country.” The stranger stepped forward, peering at the king with dark eyes that always seemed to squint behind a plastered grin.

Disregarding the traveler’s discourtesy, the king’s mood was altered by a sudden curiosity. “That must have been Link, his named was Link, right?”

“Ah, yes.” The traveler nodded vigorously. “That is what he was called. He had stumbled into my homeland accidentally….Shortly after to meet up with further misfortunes, as you could call it.”

Hiding his great emotion for the matter, the king was blank faced for a time. He felt it wise not to speak of Link’s tragic death just yet, not until he knew what part the stranger played in the whole situation. “It would thrill me, for my daughter’s sake, that you’d inquire me on everything.”  

The stranger was about to speak, when his eyes widened with unknown terror. His grin suddenly vanished and beads of sweat formed on a horrified expression.

“What? What is it?!” The king stepped towards him again, anxiously. The sudden moods swing of the stranger petrifying him slightly.  

“By the gods.” Voiced the stranger, sadly. “By the gods, I’m too late, aren’t I?”

The traveler hadn’t yet finished speaking when suddenly, with a rush of metal, two Hylian guards rushed into the throne room. Desperately they gasped for air as they stood, quivering and apparently in some state of shock.

The King was irritated. “Now what?!”

A guard spoke, slow and hesitant. “My Lord King, it's your daughter…..”



A grand marble courtyard, with scattered patches of grass and rich agriculture, now dimmed and blanketed in winter, unfolded gracefully down beyond Zelda’s balcony. It was a generously wonderful sight to behold for a princess, but also a promisingly deadly drop, one that only the most desperate would take.

Many ran out into that royal courtyard that day to find Zelda’s delicate body sprawled and broken where she had chosen to end her life. Links beloved cloak, now stained in crimson blood, was wrapped around her still form, folds of the soft material still clenched in her fist. In the other hand, like a large blue pearl gleamed the Ocarina of Time. Lightly, it rolled out of Zelda’s unconscious grasp, the crack that had formed down the center now widening until it split into two halves. The most prized secret of the Royal Family was lost and the passageway through time forever closed. But as for the fair one of Hyrule, this reality would never be known. She slept, her soft skin and ruby hued lips now pale and her lovely eyes closed in death, revealing a sight as cold and as beautiful as the falling snow.

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