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Four Swords Adventures Story

Long ago, prior to the great Zelda adventures we are familiar with, a wind wizard, Vaati, used his powers to terrorize Hyrule and itís villages. Vaati would kidnap girls who caught his fancy and cause knights to attempt to defeat the sorcerer and rescue the girls.

One day, a boy appeared, just when everyone was ready to give up. He overheard some people speaking of Vaati and said simply, "I will defeat this sorcerer." He entered Vaatiís palace and trapped the evil sorcerer within his ancient, mystical and powerful sword, then returned the girls home. Afterwards, he went deep into the forest and never returned.

Many were curious and wondered how the boy could have defeated the wizard. The girls explained that he had waved his sword and shattered into four pieces, each a complete copy of himself. They worked together to defeat Vaati. Most did not believe the stories, but were still curious. Thus, they named the sword the boy left behind the Four Sword. As rumour spread of the ancient blade, villagers from all around decided to create a shrine to protect it.

Princess Zelda, the heir to the throne of the land of Hyrule, was a beautiful young girl, born with the ability to sense approaching evil. She one day detected a disturbance near the Four Sword shrine. She was assigned to protect the shrine and the sword within, and so, with that, she decided to check the shrine, to make sure everything was okay. She asked a boy named Link, whom she trusted above all others, to accompany her to investigate the happenings at the shrine.

After they had arrived, Vaati, the wind sorcerer, broke free of the Four Sword. He saw Zelda and snatched her up. Link, with only the blade in sight, grabbed the ancient Four Sword and was shattered into four replicas of himself. The new wielder of the Four Sword, the Hero of Time, has drawn forth the blade. Now, the future of Hyrule rests on the shoulders of the four Linkís and the ancient sword which they wield...
Screenshots courtesy Zelda Headquarters.

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