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Four Swords Adventures Story

Long before Link and before the land of Hyrule came to be as it is known, three goddesses descended on a chaotic turmoil. These goddesses were Din, Farore and Nayru, and they created the land of Hyrule, tilling the soil, creating light, fashioning a land of prosper and plenty.

After their long and arduous work was complete, the goddesses ascended back to the heavens, leaving in their wake, at the point at which they left the world, a relic. An ancient relic containing the power of the gods, and the power to grant the wish of whomever held the relic. This object of the sacred goddesses was called the Triforce.

The Triforce was located in the Sacred Realm, and many beings afterwards would attempt to gain the relic and have whatever wish they wanted come true. Ganondorf was one of the most powerful to try to gain the relic, but before he could gain all three pieces of the Triforce, the Triforce of Courage, Power and Wisdom, a young boy stopped him.

Ganondorf, however, would continue to be the one who would hold the Triforce of Power. Link would hold the Triforce of Courage and Zelda the Triforce of Wisdom. These three would be locked in a battle of good, Link and Zelda, against evil, Ganondorf, or Ganon, as the evil man tried to regain all the pieces of the Triforce so that he may one day have complete, absolute control over the world.

Many years had passed and many had searched for the Triforce fruitlessly. One man, Ganondorf Dragmire, a man of evil, searched for a long time, so he may gain the Triforce and have great power. He then came across the Triforce when a young boy named Link opened the Door of Time and drew the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time. Hyrule was then corrupted by the evil King of Thieves.

After one hundred years, Ganon returned, and Zelda, who was in disguise, was discovered. She was held deep within Hyrule Castle, which had been buried with the rest of Hyrule under a sea of water years before. She was only safe there for a short time. The newest Link was forced to gather the pieces of the Triforce of Courage, which had been split apart by the first hero of Hyrule, to save Zelda, despite the fact that all the pieces of the Triforce would again be complete, and Ganon could draw the pieces from the young children, Zelda and Link, and create the true Triforce once more. Link defeated Ganon, prevented him from controlling the long gone Hyrule and saved Zelda and the Triforce.

Many more years passed, Ganon had been thrown down by the Hero of Time and cast away into a lost realm by the Sages of Hyrule. However, evil had not permanently left the land. After several centuries, and evil wizard named Agahnim arrived, killed the King of Hyrule and took control of the castle. He wanted to gain access to the Golden Land, and he collected young maidens to help him open the way. Link then discovered that Agahnim was merely a servant of a greater evil, of Ganon. Link threw down Ganon again, and saved the Triforce.

Ganon returned again, and the newest Princess Zelda shattered her piece of the Triforce, Wisdom, in hopes to forestall Ganon. Link, a young man, retrieved the pieces, saved Zelda, the Triforce and Hyrule and defeated Ganon. The evil being was stopped once more.

Link, Hyrule's hero discovered from the sleeping Zelda's nursemaid, Impa, that to revive Zelda he must retrieve the Triforce of Courage. Link did so, defeated the evil and brought peace again to the land. But what evils lurk in the near future? Only time will tell.


This is Archmage_Zelda's opinion of the History of Hyrule.

Everything on here is either in-game fact, Miyamoto's explanations, Instruction Manual content, or simple logic filling in the blanks. It's still not a be-all-end-all timeline, but it works pretty well.

The beginning of time. Din throws a massive ball of fire and lava into the darkened void, and encases it with earth and stone. She shapes mountains, valleys, riverbeds, plateaus, and plains. Farore covers the planet in grass, tress, plants, marshes, and distributes animals across it. Nayru gices order to the world, causing rivers to flow, creatures to die and grow, and the laws of Physics to work.

As a sign of their presence, and as a gift to the righteous, they weave a seperate dimension, very small, but similar to Hyrule. Within the small, tranquil place, they put a testament to their power - The Triforce. Three Golden Triangles that when touched by someone whose power, wisdom, and courage are balanced, grant them the power of the Gods, and let them exact their will, for good or evil.

They left, possibly to preside over the planet from afar, or to create other worlds.

In any event, a few intellectual and sentient races evolved. The Gorons, strong beings who loved the earth and metals and could take the form of boulders, settled within the mountains and set to work at their forges. A tribe of red-haired dark-skinned people, the Gerudos, became nomadic theives, mercenaries, and vagabonds. The Zoras, amphibious mermen who learned to walk on land, breathe air for long periods, shoot off their fins and generate electricity with their rubbery surfaces; they lived within aquatic Kingdoms under the waterfalls and waves. The Kokiri, immortal forest spirits with the bodies of children were created by the mighty Deku Tree, who longed for companions to study and play with. The Hylians raised their kingdoms upon the plains of Hyrule, long-eared creatures with bright eyes and hair of many shades, many were inventors and innovators, other were said to be able to tap into the power of the goddesses themselves - but in far lesser and versatile forms. Last were they Sheikah, like the Hylia only more muscular, less agile and wise, darker skinned, and with red eyes and gray or white hair.

As the ages passed, the races interacted and learned more of each other and their world. The Seven Sages, six legendary scholars along with the current Hylian King, learned of the adjacent realm that bordered Hyrule, and that a treasure lay within. A Gerudo woman that weilded the creating force - magic, the witch Twinrova, learned of this, and encouraged the only male Gerudo, the King, to sieze this opportunity.

He made war on the Hylia, and sought to enter the Sacred Realm, but while the Knights of Hyrule fought with him, the King and the other Sages sealed Gerudo King, Twinrova's magic and his own greed changing him into a Demon of immense power, within the Sacred Realm. Only one knight survived the brutal assault. One of the sages prophesized that though the evil would return, a descendant of the royal family, and one of the Knight's line would also arise. Togetehr, this "Hero of Time" and "Princess of Destiny" could combine their powers and that of the Triforce to seal and eventually defeat the Evil King whenever he returned.

Fearing for the Triforce's safety though, the Sages commisioned the construction of Temples, one for each of them. The Temple of Light, a magnificent Golden Pyramid, reminscient of the triforce, would hold the Holy Artifact. Rauru, the aformentioned Sage, realized that his life was drawing to a close, volunteered to stay and guard it for eternity. The King commisioned a second Temple of Time, adjacent to his Castle, to guard the Gateway to the Sacred Realm, and house the Hero's Sword, who only one of his line could lay hands on, and only the next hero could weild. 5 other temples were created in the Holy places of Hyrule, as locks on the Sacred Realm, and one of each sentient race was annointed as a successor to the sages.

As time passed, the Triforce was safe. The blood of the proud, Ancient Hylians was all but spent, and only remained in a few bloodlines, the most well-known being the Royal Family. The King's only child, a daughter, was said to study the teachigns of the sages and wizards of the Old Hylia, and posses one of the keys to the Sacred Realm. The other three were held by the Great Deku Tree, the Goron Chieftan, and the Zoran King who was to give it to his daughter soon as an Engagement ring, as the eldest children of the Zorans had always done. Few knew of their locations, but one person was Ganondorf. Ganondorf was the ancient Evil Gerudo king, who had cursed Twinrova by implanting his spirit into her unborn child. Thus, she became his surrogate mother. Ganondorf was now an adult, and sought to enter the Sacred Realm wihtout having to break the Sages' seal.

Then Ocarina of Time happened, Link kills ghoma, gets stone from Tree, metts Zelda, gets two more stones, Ganondorf decieves them, Link is sealed away and Zelda is forced into hiding, Link returns, Zelda works up enough courage to study the Sheikan version of Nijitsu, Link decides to free the sages, Zelda opts to put on a spandex oufit and becomes Sheik the Ninja-girl, Link and Sheik free the sages, Sheik reveals her identity and is almost immeadiatly captured by a very frustrated Ganondorf, who has been playing Where's Waldo? with her for the past 7 years. Link takes no time at all to decide to go after him, and after realizing that when Ganondorf retrieved the Triforce, he only recieved his piece of power, and the other two went to Zelda and himself! 5 seconds later, Link remembers why he's there, and fights Ganondorf. Link and Zelda escape from the tower, Navi interrupst a "moment" and Ganondorf pops out of the stil-steaming pile of rubble and transforms into Ganon. Ganon knocks the Master Sword away, Zelda is unable to pick it up and throw it back (the others are, since they're technically Link's descendants). Eventually, Link retrieves it, and with a spell from Zelda, they defeat Ganon and seal him. Zelda apologises for her inability to forsee the consequences of her actions, and offers to take Link back in time so they can relive the worst seven years of their lives together, only this time without Ganondorf to muck thigns up. They do, eventually, Link goes to try to retrieve his Fairy friend, navi, but stumbles down the Rabbit hole into Termina, and stops the moon from crashing.

In the future they left behind, everyone resettles Hyrule, and many years later, Zelda goofs up AGAIN, and Ganondorf returns. The new king sealed Hyrule underwater, and everyone still alive retreats to the mountain tops. The Queen and some Barons got to the surface as well, in the guise of Pirates, to try to locate the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom, which were lost when Link and Zelda left THAT Hyrule. Before she died, she gave the recovered Wisdom Triforce to her young daughter, and had the Pirates look after her while she succeded her mother as captain. To ensure her safety, she asked that her daughter be raised under the impression that she's ONLY a pirate, and named by her alias, Tetra. Throughout her travels, Tetra encounters the new Link, both of whom were sent by the godesses to stop Ganondorf from causing further trouble. After passing their challenge at the Tower of the Gods and recuing his sister from Ganondorf, Link realized his destiny as the next hero, as Tetra discovered her birthright from her father, who had ALSO arisen to the surface to save an impulsive young Link, as a the boat called The King of Red Lions. Together, Zelda and Link restored power to the Master Sword and defeated ganondorf. Turned to stone, he remained underwater with the King, as Link and "Tetra" set off to find a new land.

Meanwhile, in the NEW timeline Link and Zelda created, Ganon sent his minion, the Necromancer Agahnim, to discover a method of unlockign the seal. Agahnim learned that if the descendants of the Sages who MADE the seal were sent through, the failsafe trigger would unlock the Sacred Realm. Agahnim sent 6 young maidens, among them Link and Princess Zelda's royal descendant, the Second Princess Zelda herself, hurtling through the void. Thoguh she informed one of their ignoble descendants, a young boy named Link, the new Link could not stop the seal from shattering, instead, he rescued the amidens and sought to assault Ganon himself. Ganon was utterly destroyed, and Link rested his hands on the Triforce, and with his balanced heart, used his new, godly power, to right all that Agahnim and Ganondorf had done. After bringing his Uncle and Zelda's father back from the dead, he relinquished the Triforce. During one of his routine visits, the Triforce called upon its former master to rescue to essential Oracles from other continents - much like Termina - but whisked him there in the blink of an eye, no boat necessary. After rescuing him, Link confronted the mastermind behind the plan, the aged witches Twinrova, who planned to sacrifice his good friend the Princess in order to ressurect Ganon. However, Link managed to interrupt the Ritual, so Twinrova sacrificed herself. Unfortunately though, as Zelda later explained, the Dark Magic used to raise Ganon could not retrieve his soul from across the void, so Ganon simply became a raging Zombie with no mind of his own. Link defeated them, and after recieving a kiss, took Zelda home to Hyrule and bid the kind people of Termina and Labrynna farewell.

Unfortunately, dark minions of Ganon managed to retrieve his ashes, as well as Link's blood. Almost a millenium later, they were able to use these to eperfect the ritual, and fully revive the monstorous Ganon. Fearing for Hyrule's safety, Zelda split the Triforce of Wisdom, and urged her aged assistant Impa, the last of the sheikans, to inform Link as she had done so many times before. Link bravely ventured into the dungeons and slew Ganon. Fearing what might arise from Ganon's ashes, Link sailed away to train. The King of Hyrule had given a piece of the triforce to each of his children. While Link was away, the Prince learned of the Third piece, and implored Zelda to divulge its location. When she refused, he had sorceror put her to sleep. Then the sorceror betrayed and kileld the Prince, but dared not take either Triforce - he was to revive his master and let him. Link fell into a deep sleep after a shipwreck, and found himself on the dream island of Koholint, where everything seemed to resemble a memory of his. After freeing a fellow dreamer, the Wind Fish, from the Nightmare's grasp, both awakened. Link returned to Hyrule, and when he learned of Zelda's plight, sought to retrieve the Triforce and defeat the Wizard. After picking up Wisdom and Power, Link set off for Courage. After retrieving it, he defeated the wizard Thunderbird, and his master, a Dark copy of himself. Link then kissed the Princess, who woke up (in olden days, it seems a kiss was the solution to all the most powerful curses), and they took the Triforce to rest, and hoped that Ganon would never return again...
Screenshots courtesy Zelda Headquarters.

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