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The Chris Houlihan Room

In A Link To The Past for the SNES and GBA, there's a hidden room called the Chris Houlihan room. Alot of people wonder, who this guy is and why he deserves a private room in a video game?

Well, in about the early 90's I'm guessing (mainly because in 1991 the game was released), Nintendo Power had a contest and the winner would get they're own private room in ALTTP and barely anyone would know about it. Well, since then it has been pretty much private and not alot of people have been able to find this room. Although, there are some people who were able to locate it, but as it says in the room, it says for you to not tell anyone about this hidden room. In this room there is not really much to see, except that there is 45 blue rupees and a Plaque that is in the northern wall, saying about the Chris Houlihan room and not to talk about it. To the south is the exit, which takes you to the entrance of Link's strange as it is, Nintendo tends to tricky stuff like that. I would tell you how to get to this room, but I am not allowed to say because Nintendo says not to tell a soul.

That is pretty much what the Chris Houlihan room is, and how the person got to have such a room like that. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post it on the forums, my name there is King Bowser.

Screenshots courtesy Zelda Headquarters.

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