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New Ideas?

To date, Zelda remains my favourite video game ever created. Yet, is it just me, or is Nintendo running a little short on ideas for the Zelda storylines?

The Legend of Zelda: save Zelda. The Adventure of Link: save Zelda. A Link to the Past: save Zelda. Link's Awakening: figure out what's going on. Ocarina of Time: save Zelda. Majora's Mask: save the world. Oracle of Seasons and Ages: save Zelda and the games' respective lands. The Wind Waker: save Zelda.

I'm not bashing the storylines. Afterall, they are each unique in their own way, and considering the series is based off of the main character, apart from Link, Zelda, well, shouldn't she be in most of the games?

Maybe Zelda could take a slightly more productive role in a game, even if the objective was to save Hyrule again.

Still, the stories are always interesting, and the games are always fun. Perhaps little needs to be changed in the thought processes of Nintendo; so long as the games they roll out are fun, it doesn't really matter.

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