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Link's Awakening Boss Strategies

Moldorm: Do not fall off the edge, and hit Moldorm's tail. Each time you hit him, he will become faster so that means you will have to too.

Genie: Run across the room, dodging the fireballs. When the Genie retreats to his bottle, attack it and then throw it against the wall. When he escapes his bottle, finish him off by attacking with your sword.

Slime Eye: Once you have hit the wall with the Pegasus Boots, and it falls down, do the same thing again to slice the beast into two. Attack one of the eyes as much as you can, but jump or run away when he jumps up or you will be stunned. Then attack the eye again. Once one of the eyes is destroyed, move onto the other.

Angler: This large fish will try to ram against the wall and attack Link, but be wary of that. When you have the opportunity, run down the ladder and attack Angler. Before he can attack again, get out of the way.

Slime Eel: When the eel's head comes up, use the hookshot to very quickly pull it towards you. Then attack with the sword. Repeat the process to destroy Slime Eel.

Facade: A stranger boss than the others, the floor is like a big face. Place a bomb on him and then place another when he reappears. Repeat the process.

Evil Eagle: When the eagle flies close, use the hookshot or sword to attack. The eagle may try to blow you off of the tower, so try to get away from that or use your shield to block the attack.

Hot Head: You have to be quick if you do not want Hot Head to regain his health. Use your magic rod and when he jumps up and out of the lava, attack very quickly, before he falls back. His armour will fall of and then he is truly vulnerable. A few more attacks with the magic rod and he will be history.

The Wind Fish's Nightmare: For the first form, sprinkle magic powder on it three times.

The second form is a similar recreation of Agahnim. Although some attacks may not be deflected (be careful of those), when he shoots magic at you, try to deflect it back at him.

Moldorm is the next form, so just attack his tail like you did the first time around.

The following form is that of ganon. Charge with your pegasus boots. Continue to attack and he will be destroyed.

For the last form, Deathl, have Roc's feather ready to jump over his swinging arms. When his eye opens, use an arrow or the boomerang to hit it. His arms will begin to speed up as you damage him more and more, so be very careful. Repeat this until he is destroyed for good.

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