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Lands of Hyrule

Hyrule: The main land, Hyrule contains nearly all of the great races and many great areas and buildings, including Hyrule Castle and the Temple of Time.

Termina: Hyrule's dimensional opposite, Termina is another land with everything Hyrule has and the people as well, although they have different names.

Catalia: A country near to Hyrule, they never had problems with Ganon and his invaders, most likely because the land was not as threatening to Ganon, nor as great a prize, were he to gain it.

Koholint Island: Whether simply a dream, or an actual island, Koholint is a large isle, with forests, mountains, villages, talking animals and temples.

Holodrum: The land where Link found himself after he went to see the Triforce. This land is where General Onox captured the Oracle of Seasons, Din, and caused the seasons to fall into turmoil. Holodrum is large, with many areas similar to Hyrule, and many temples, mountains and dark recesses of evil. Also contains a portal to Subrosia.
Labrynna: The land where Link found himself after he went to see the Triforce. This land is where Veran waited, and finally captured the great Nayru, Oracle of Ages. Labrynna is similar to Hyrule in many of the same ways that Holodrum is.

Subrosia: The land where the small, strange and quiet Subrosians live. The land seems dark, almost foreboding, but it is in truth quite a happy place for Subrosians.

Islands of the Great Sea: Although technically still Hyrule, the people do not know it since Hyrule was lost long ago in a flood. The islands are the tops of the mountains of Hyrule.

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