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Link's Awakening Seashells

1. Mabe Village: In the eastern part of Mabe Village, there is a screen full of bushes and grass. Slice all of the bushes to find one hidden under one of them.

2. Mabe Village: First, buy the shovel, then go to the little dog house beside Madam Meowmeow's house. Dig around the bottom right corner and you'll find another seashell.

3. Tail Cave: In the Tail Cave, there's a cracked wall in one of the rooms in the western part of the dungeon (the room with a mini-Moldorm in it). Blow up the wall with a bomb to reveal a secret room. Open the treasure chest in the room to find a seashell.

4. Mysterious Forest: In the southern section of the Mysterious Forest, there is a chest in an area blocked off by a rock. Use the Power Bracelet to lift the rock and open the chest for a seashell.

5. Ukuku Prairie: On the screen south of the ghost's grave, there is a bush surrounded by a circle of weeds. Slice the bush and dig(you will need the shovel, obviously) in the center of the weeds for a seashell.

6. Seashell Shrine: When you have exactly 5 seashells, go into the seashell mansion in eastern Ukuku Prairie. Walk in, and if you have EXACTLY 5 shells, a box will drop with a shell in it.

7. Ukuku Prairie: Go to the little hill north of the Key Cavern. There you will find some grass in a diamond shape. Dig in the center of the diamond to find a seashell.

8. Near the Tail Cave: In the screen just left of the Tail Cave, you will find a low tree. After getting the Pegasus Boots, run into the tree, and down comes a seashell.

9. Ghost's House: When you bringing the ghost to his grave, go back to his house near Martha's Bay. Lift the pot at the lower right to find the seashell.

10. Martha's Bay: In the southern part of Martha's Bay, you will find a suspicious looking island with a bush on it. Swim to the island and slice the bush to find the seashell.

11. Seashell Shrine: When you have EXACTLY 10 seashells, go to the Seashell Shrine to get your 11th!

12. Ukuku Prairie: Go into the cave at gridpoint I12. In the second screen, bomb the wall on the left. Continue until you get to the outside. Go up one screen to find an owl statue. Dig at the lower left of the statue to find the seashell.

13. Ukuku Prairie: In the place with all the weird stones that look like donuts, lift the rock in the corner for the seashell.

14. Ukuku Prairie: From the Seashell Shrine, go one screen to the right. Slice the bushes here. Under one of them, you will find another seashell.

15. Martha's Bay: Go to the land at the southwest of Martha's Bay. Go to the screen where you can see the Mermaid Statue from across the water. Slice the bush for a seashell.

16. Richards Villa: After giving the five golden leaves to Richard, go down the stairs and into his caverns. Go on the left path and open the chest for the seashell.

17. Ukuku Prairie: Go southwest of Mabe Village to the screen with a telephone booth. Use the Pegasus Boots to run into the tree beside the telephone booth, and a shell will fall down.

18. Martha's Bay: Southeast of Martha's Bay, go across the bridge to the owl statue. Dig around the owl statue to uncover a seashell.

19. Yarna Desert: From the northeastern part of the Yarna Desert, take the path to the right, and follow it down to the bottom. There is a seashell hidden under the stone.

20. Near the Key Cavern: On the screen northeast of the Key Cavern, there is an island with a bush on it. Slice the bush from the top and get the seashell that is revealed.

21. Face Shrine: When you're in the Face Shrine, take the back exit at the top-left screen. Open the treasure chest for the seashell.

22. Near Kanalet Castle: Left of the entrance to Kanalet Castle, there is a big hole that you can't jump across. Go get the flying rooster, use him to fly to the other side and pick up the seashell.

23. Eagle's Tower: In Eagles Tower, go to the second floor in the room where you fight Hinox. Fall into the hole in the upper left of the room. Follow the path up and open the chest for a seashell.

24. Tal Tal Mountains: From the Chicken House in the Eastern Tal Tal Mountains, go two screens right and cross the bridge. Lift the rocks to find a seashell.

25. Tal Tal Mountains: Enter the cave at grid point N2 in the Eastern Tal Tal Mountains. Bomb the upper wall where there isnt any water. Follow the path until you reach outside. Open the chest for a seashell.

Courtesy Zelda Zone.

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