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The Legend of Zelda Boss Strategies

Aquamentus: A dragon creature which will shoot beams at Link. Get close enough and slash Aquamentus' head.

Dodongo: This boss is covered in armour which cannot be penetrated by a sword. To destroy the Dodongo bombs must be thrown into his mouth. Once enough bombs have been thrown into his mouth, and they have blown up, he will be defeated.

Manhandla: Four hands are a deadly weapon on this bomb. Initially, this boss is slow, but once the hands are cut off it speeds. up. To destroy the boss, use sword attacks or a bomb on the main part of the creature.

Gleeok: The Gleeok has four, flying heads. Try to avoid them when they attack and slash the heads when they come close enough.

Digdogger: This is a strong boss. To defeat it, use the whistle. Once you have used it attack with the sword.

Gohma: This boss is strong. It's armour is very strong. Gohma has one weak spot. It's eye. Shoot arrows towards the eye to destroy the boss.

Ganon: The final boss, the evil tyrant, master of all the other bosses. During this boss battle, Ganon is invisible. He will run around the room, appearing ocassionally to attack. Run around the room and swing randomly. Once he has been hit four times with the sword, he will appear again. Use a Silver Arrow to defeat him.

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