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Majora's Mask Anju and Kafei Guide

This is a guide to beating the Anju and Kafei Side Quest, which also includes the Couple's Mask.

In the afternoon on Day 1, head over to the Stock Pot Inn. Anju will be behind the counter. When the mailman comes, he and Anju will speak. Once he is gone, put on the Kafei Mask and talk to Anju and she will ask you to come back later. Go outside and play the Song of Double Time, which is C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down.

Once you've played this, it should be late night. Put on the Deku Mask and use the nearby Deku Flower to fly up to the door on the balcony above, and enter the Stock Pot Inn through there. Take off the Deku Mask. Once inside, turn right and go down the stairs. At the bottom turn left. You pass one door. The next room is the kitchen. Anju should be there. If not, she will be there soon. Once she arrives, talk to her. She will ask for your help and give you a letter. Head back outside and mail it.

After mailing the letter, play the Song of Double Time and then head to the Laundry Pool in the southwestern corner of Clock Town. There, ring the bell and Kafei will run out. Soon the mailman will come by, delivering Anju's letter to Kafei. When the mailman comes, Kafei runs out just like before. While he is getting the letter, run through the door into Kafei's hiding place. When Kafei returns he will talk to you, and give you the Pendant of Memories. Head back outside.

Once outside, play the Song of Double time. Head back into Kafei's hiding place, but he is gone. The Curiosity Shop owner is there and he will give you the Keaton Mask (if you already have it, he won't). He will give you some Express Mail*. Now leave the building.

Now, play the Song of Soaring and go to Ikana Canyon. This is where the bandit Sakon's hideout is. Jump over the edge of the cliff and go to the other side (up the stairs on the other side of the canyon). Follow the path to the left and you should come to a small pile of rocks, behind which Kafei is hiding. Talk to Kafei. Once you do, put on the Stone Mask so that when Sakon comes he won't see you. Sakon will come along and enter his hideout by opening a door in the cliff face nearby. Now you will enter the hideout.

Inside, Kafei sets off the alarm. Now you will have to switch between Link and Kafei to work your way through the hideout. Sakon has Kafei's Sun Mask, and you need to get it back. The mask is slowly being pulled towards the far end of the hideout on a conveyor belt. First you will have to play as Kafei. The blocks you see can only be moved in the direction indicated by the arrows on top. Move into the first room and step on all the blue switches. Do not step on the other switches. Those will only accelerate the speed of the conveyor belt. Next, as Link, you will have to fight some Wolfos. Beat them and continue and hit the last switch. You stopped the Sun Mask from being taken! Kafei will take the Mask and run back to Clock Town. Use the Song of Soaring to head back. Go to the Stock Pot Inn, run up the stairs and head into Anju's room (the room at the very top of the stairs straight ahead). Kafei will come soon (make sure time is set back to it's normal speed) and you will see a cutscene. In thanks, Kafei and Anju will give you the Couple's Mask. Go back to Day 1 by playing the Song of Time. Congratulations, you've got the Couple's Mask.

* You can give the Express Mail to either Mama at the Milk Bar, who will give you a bottle with Romani Milk in it, or the mailman, who will give you the Postman's Hat.

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