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Majora's Mask Boss Strategies

Odolwa: The first boss is Odolwa. He seems strange, but he is more formidable than he looks. Use the Deku Mask, then run to the Deku flower in the center of the room. There, wait until he is almost right on top of the flower. When he is, jump out and stun him. Once he is stunned, turn back into Link and slash him with your sword or use the bombs around the room to take him out.

Goht: Use a fire arrow, first, to free Goht. Once he is free, he will begin to run in a circle around the narrow circle. Turn into a Goron and use the Goron roll to chase the boss. Try to avoid the falling rocks and the lightning he shoots at you. He will also throw bombs into your path. When you catch up, simply roll into him, and your spikes will damage him. Continue this until he is destroyed. There are many jars around the boss area filled with magic, so hit those in order to replensih your magical energy.

Gyorg: Gyorg is one of the more difficult bosses. He swims through the water, making that a rather dangerous place to be, but he also jumps out of the water and across the platform Link can stand on

Use the Hero's Bow to shoot arrows at Gyorg whenever you have the chance. Once he is stunned, turn into the Zora and jump into the water. You can use your fins to attack or use the shield to swim into him with, causing damage. Once Gyorg regains conciousness, jump back onto the platform and repeat the process.

Twinmold: As soon as you enter the boss area, put on the Giant's Mask. Link will grow very large and have the strength to defeat the bugs. Use the sword or arrows to take out the worms by attacking their heads or tails, which are their vulnerable points. There are some large pillars which can be broken down to gain magic, and this will fall into the sand. You need to take off the Giant's Mask to get the magic

Majora's Mask: You can figure out how to beat Majora's Mask and all of his forms easily enough if you have the Fierce Deity's Mask. I will explain without using the mask.

The first form is Majora's Mask. He will call upon the four masks from the other bosses, and they will began to attack Link. When Majora's Mask shoots a beam at Link, deflect that with the Mirror Shield at the other, floating masks. Then do the same for Majora's Mask once the other masks are defeated.

The next form is Majora's Incarnation, which is a strange, dancing thing. That's the best way I can describe it. Attack with arrows and when it falls, run up and attack with the sword. Continue doing this until it is defeated.

Lastly is Majora's Wrath, the most difficult and imposing of all bosses and forms. This form looks like a true demon, and the battle is not easy without the Deity's Mask. Tentacle-arms will attack and try to slap and hit Link. Avoid those as they can cause serious damage. Use a light arrow to hit the beast, then when it falls, run up and attack with the sword. Repeat this until the Wrath has been destroyed.

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