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Majora's Mask Bottle Loactions

1) In the Mysterious Woods, on any day, follow the monkey to Koume. Once you find her, leave. Go to the Old Hag's Potion Shop and talk to Koume's sister. She will give you a potion (in a bottle) to give to Kuome.

2) After you destroy the boulder at the Goron Racetrack, go inside and win the race. You will be given a bottle with Gold Dust inside.

3) Destroy the boulder in front of Romani Ranch and enter. Look for Romani and talk to her. Once she asks for your help, come back later during the night before 2:30. When the aliens arrive shoot them and prevent them from taking the cows. Romani will give you a bottle as a prize if you succeed.

4) Go to the Ikana Graveyard on Day 3 and wear the Captain's Hat. Talk to the skeletons around the grave and have them open it. Using the Lens of Truth, once you enter, bomb the wall on the right. The take Dampe to the soft soil spots and eventually a Big Poe will appear. Destroy it and retrieve the bottle.

5) Near the sea, go up to the top of the waterfall and race the beavers. If you win both times they will reward you with a bottle

6) After the Kafei and Anju sequence on the third day at 6:00 and you have gotten the Express Mail, go to the Milk Bar. There, deliver the mail to Madame Aroma and she will give you a bottle of Romani milk.

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