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Majora's Mask Characters

Link: The Hero of Time, who, after saving Hyrule from Ganon, went in search of a friend. He came across Termina, a land in danger of being crushed and destroyed by an evil moon high above, controlled by the evil Majora's Mask.

Tatl: The fairy which accompanies Link during this adventure. Although somewhat more arrogant and biligerant than Navi, she is helpful and an invaluable asset when fighting enemies.

Majora's Mask: The evil incarnation of the spirit, Majora. Whoever dons this mask is controlled by the evil spirit who wishes for nothing but destruction.

Romani Sisters: These two sisters run Romani Ranch, just southwest of Clocktown. Here they create Termina's finest milk. But according to the younger sister, something strange has been visiting the ranch lately, and apparently abducting cows.

Indigo-Go's: A band of Zora singers, very popular across Termina. The guitarman, though, dies and his spirit is given to a mask. Link then uses that to turn into a Zora.

Darmani: A large, famous Goron warrior who dies prior to Link's arrival. His spirit takes the form of a mask, allowing Link to turn into a Goron.

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