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Majora's Mask Frog Locations

Frog 1: The first frog is located in the Laundry Pool next to the tree. Don your Don Gero's Mask (sorry about the pun) and talk to him.
Frog 2: In the Great Bay Temple, a frog has been turned into an evil Gekko. Fight him and talk to him with the Don Gero's Mask when he transforms into his normal frog form.
Frog 3: In the Southern Swamp, along the river (take the Witch's ride on the raft) and you should be able to find it sitting on a log on the left.Put on the Don Gero's Mask and talk to him.
Frog 4: In the Woodfall Temple, immediately following the defeat of the Gekko boss, he will turn back into his original, frog form. Put on the Don Gero's Mask and talk to him.
Frog 5: Go back to Snowhead Temple and defeat Ghoat. Once you beat him and you arrive back in the Mountain Village, the small pond below the waterfall has melted, and there is a frog there. Put on the Don Gero's Mask and talk to him. If you have already found the other frogs, they will sing a song and give you a Heart Piece.

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