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Majora's Mask Items

Hero's Sword: This is Link's main weapon. It can be upgraded to the Razor Sword, then the Gilded Sword.

Hero's Shield: Link's main shield, apart from the Mirror Shield.

Ocarina of Time: This musical instrument allows Link to transport himself around Hyrule and affect the environment.

Deku Stick: A stick made of wood from the Great Deku Tree and the Deku Babas.

Hero's Bow: Allows Link to shoot enemies from great distances.

Fire Arrow: This arrow is more powerful, and when it hits an enemy, or specific objects, they can catch fire.

Ice Arrow: This arrow freezes certain enemies and objects.

Light Arrow: This arrow contains the pure goodness of light, and is the most powerful arrow.

Boomerang: The weapon which, once thrown, returns to Link. It can stun and destroy enemies.

Bombs: This weapon can be used against enemies or to access new areas.

Bombchu: This bomb moves across the ground until the timer runs out, or until it hits its target.

Deku Nuts: These allow Link to stun enemies.

Pictograph Box: This allows Link to take pictures of anything he wants.

Bottle: Link can carry different items in bottles.

Masks: The masks in Majora's Mask give Link great abilities and some even change his form.

Hookshot: This item allows Link to attack enemies and gain otherwise unreachable areas.

Tunics: Link has a number of tunics which allow him to breathe underwater and move through unbearable heat.

Lens of Truth: Also found in Ocarina of Time, this allows Link to see areas and items which are invisible.

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