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Majora's Mask Masks

Deku Mask: This mask allows Link to change into a Deku.
Goron Mask: This mask allows Link to change into a Goron.
Zora Mask: This mask allows Link to change into a Zora.
Bunny Hood: This allows Link to run very fast, like a bunny.
Blast Mask: This mask blows up, causing damage to nearby enemies. However, it also damages Link. You get this after saving the woman from Sakon.
All Night Mask: If you have the Giant's Wallet, and you have saved the woman from Sakon, go to the Curiosity Shop after 10:00 pm to buy it.
Keaton Mask: This mask is shaped like the Keaton fox. You can use this to find and talk to the Keatons.
Stone Mask: This mask allows Link to seemingly blend in with his backgrounds.
Great Fairy's Mask: When worn in a temple, this mask will give off a glowing energy, meaning a fairy shard is nearby.
Bremen Mask: If you talk to Guru-Guru on Day One or Day Two at the Laundry Pool, he will give the Bremen mask to you.
Don Gero Mask: This mask allows Link to talk to the frogs. You must hit the rock sirloin from the chandalier in the Goron's home. Take this to the Goron trapped on the shelf of snow near the frozen waterfall.
Mask of Scents: Allows Link to sniff out certain things.
Romani's Mask: Comes from the Romani Sisters ranch, after you have saved the cows from the aliens. Cremia will give it to you once she takes in her milk shipment.
Postman's Hat: This allows Link to look in the postboxes and see what is there.
Kafei's Mask: He wears this mask because he has become a child for some, strange reason. If Link wears the mask, he can talk to Anju about Kafei.
Couple's Mask: This mask is strange, requires a huge amount of work to gain, and has little use.
Mask of Truth: This mask allows Link to discover the truth regarding certain things.
Gibdo Mask: This mask allows Link to see the Gibdo warriors of Ikana who are long gone.
Garo's Mask: If you race and beat the Gorman brothers, they will five you the Garo's mask.
Kamaro's Mask: This mask gives Link great skill in the art of dance.
Circus Leader's Mask: In the Milk Bar, when the Ballad of the Windfish is played, Gorman will give you this mask. This allows Link to speak to the Circus performers.
Captain's Hat: The hat of Keeta, the Ikana Captain. By wearing this hat, Link can control the stalchildren and talk to them.
Giant's Mask: This mask can only be used in the last temple boss fight, but it causes Link to grow to a huge size. It drains magic, but is very useful in defeated Twinmold.
Fierce Deity's Mask: This is an ancient mask which is very powerful and apparently has some type of hidden evil to it. This causes Link to become an adult and have very great power. He also has the ability to shoot rays from his sword. This mask can only be worn in boss battles. To get this mask you must have ALL of the other masks, all 23, then talk to the boys running around underneath the tree, just before you fight Majora's Mask. They will then go away, once you trade away your masks, and the last boy will hand over the Fierce Deity's Mask before the battle.

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