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Realistic-looking Zelda Game

Zelda fans were blown away at E3 2004, perhaps more so than when the famed Spaceworld 2000 demo of Link fighting Ganon was unleashed upon the world. Now, the game is for real. Although based off of The Wind Waker's graphics engine, the latest Zelda installment on the console looks very nice, realistic and it looks to be full of the classic Zelda goodness we've come to recognize over the years.

So far, the game shows Link in great detail, along with a landscape that is very familiar to the Hyrule we know from Ocarina of Time. Link can now fight from horseback, and enemies chase him riding large boars.

The game looks much, much darker than the cartoony The Wind Waker, and perhaps even more so than Ocarina of Time. The game looks serious and epic as well.

I am looking forward to the game's release, which I estimate at an early or mid 2005 date.

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