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Oracle Series Characters

Link: The main hero of both quests, he is called upon the Triforce in Hyrule Castle, then is transported to Holodrum and Labrynna to save the worlds from impending doom.

Veras: The evil woman who has captured Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. She is also distorting time, and Link must save the land and Nayru from her.

General Onox: The evil man who has captured Din, the Oracle of Seasons, throwing all seasons in Holodrum into disarray. Link must save her from Onox and protect the land from the evil of Onox.

Nayru: The Oracle of Ages captured by Veras.

Din: The Oracle of Seasons captured by Onox.

Ganon: The evil monster behind everything, Ganon is back and trying his hand at evil once again.
Impa: Impa is the royal nurse of Princess Zelda, and has cared for the Princess since her birth. Zelda ordered Impa to lead the Oracle of Seasons to Hyrule, and she meets Link on the way.

The Maku Tree: This large tree is the guardian spirit of Holodrum, and awaits a visit from a brave, young man. It is believed one can meet the Maku Tree only have showing great courage.

Princess Zelda: The Royal Princess of Hyrule is a young girl. She has vivid dreams which allows her to predict when something evil is about to happen in the world.

Maple: This girl is an apprentice witch to her grandmother. She likes to sneak away from training and fly around on her magic broom. Sometimes she may fly down and crash into Link.

Vasu: Holodrum's only jeweler is Vasu. He appraises the secret powers of rings made from magical seeds.

Bipin and Blossom: Bipin is a tree planter who grows Gasha Seeds and offers information about them to curious travelers. His wife is Blossom, and they have a young child.

The Great Moblin: A large Moblin who lives in his keep and tries to gain a toll from anyone who passes by.

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