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Oracle Series Items

Sword: Link's main weapon yet again. The sword is Link's most important item and weapon, often needed to defend himself. Another powerful sowrd and a special sword are also hidden somewhere in the game.

Shield: Another important item, the shield deflects certain enemy attacks. You can also find a stronger shield later in the game.

Rod of Seasons/Harp of Ages: The main, new games of the Oracle series. Rod of Seasons can change the seasons, and the Harp of Ages can change and affect time.

Seed Satchel: This simply holds the seeds Link collects.

Boomerang: Link's classic weapon, the boomerang, is back. This weapon can be used to throw at enemies to stun or destroy them, then it will return.

Power Bracelet: This allows Link to lift some very heavy items.

Roc's Feather: The special feather which Link can find which allows him to jump.

Slingshot: A weapon which shoots seeds at objects far away.

Magnetic Gloves: This can pull metal objects towards Link or push them away. The gloves also allow Link to pull himself across chasms and holes if there is a metal post on the other side.

Bombs: These destructive weapons can blast holes in walls and destroy enemies.

Flute: This allows Link to call certain friends to him if he needs help.

Shovel: This digs up dirt so Link may find rupees or other items underground.

Seeds: Link can collect these to perform specific purposes.

Rings: These can be found throughout Holodrum and Labrynna and they can give Link certain abilities.

Zora's Flippers: These allow Link to swim in water.

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