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Oracle of Seasons Boss Strategies

Aquamentus: Aquamentus is most vulnerable immediately after it lands in it's original position. Try not to get to close to him, or he will charge. Dodge his fireballs and strike it's horn rapidly. Eventually he will fall.

Dodongo: Equip your bombs and put one in Dodongos path. He will eat the bomb, and become stunned. Quickly equip your power bracelet and toss him into the spikes in the center of the room. Continue doing this and he will die.

Mothula: Equip your rocs feather and jump from platform to platform while striking Mothula. Keep jumping to dodge his fireballs. Try not to stay in one place too long. Don't worry about falling in the pit because you can just bounce right back up. After you come up up, strike Mothula to make him drop hearts.

Gohma: Defeating this ferocious crap-like creature will be no easy job. There are two stages to beating him. When you first come into the boss room, equip your sword and rocs feather, and slash and Gohmas claw, while dodging it at the same time. Once you defeat the claw, swap your rocs feather for your Slingshot and shoot Gohma in the eye to defeat him.

Digdogger: Equip your magnetic gloves and steer the spiked ball into him. After you him him a few times, he'll split up into lots of small creatures. Use you spiked ball and your sword to defeat them.

Manhandla: First off, destroy all four flowers of the boss with the boomerang. Next, hit the stem repeatedly with your boomerang. When your done, it will reveal the core of the plant. Finish it off with your sword.

Gleeok: This two-headed dragon will stop at nothing until you are defeated. Get between the heads and use the powered up sword to hit them both, and use the Rocs Cape to leap over their fireballs. Once you defeat the heads, the body will attack. Use Rocs Cape when it jumps into the air and causes and earthquake. Attack it immediately after it jumps.

Medusa Head: Medusa Head has two states. One that's similar to a sword, and one that's similar to a sheild. Jump over the fireballs and lasers that it fires, and strike him when he is momentarily frozen in the middle of the room.

Onox: Jump over his mace when he swings it at you, then power up your sword and let go. After you pull a few hits off, he will summon and crystalized Din, and use her as a shield. Push her away with the Rod of Seasons and continue attacking the general until he falls.

Dragon Onox: When he trys to crush you with his hand, leap onto the hand and let him carry you up to his face. Strike the jewel on this forehead to damage him. Continue until the General falls.

Boss strategies courtesy Hero_of_Time from the forums.

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