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Ocarina of Time Bean Locations

1. Near entrance to Zora's Domain in front of fence and beside the Bean Salesman.
2. Inside the Death Mountain Crater, near the entrance to the Fire Temple.
3. To the East side of the Kokiri Shop.
4. To the North side of the Laboratory on the shore of Lake Hylia.
5. To the left of the entrance to the Spirit Temple.
6. To the top left corner of the graveyard in Kakariko Village.
7. Just in front of the entrance to the Dodongo's Cavern.
8. At the bottom of Gerudo Valley on the West side on a ledge near a Gerudo woman and a cow.
9. This bean bed is in the Lost Woods. To get to it, from Kokiri Forest, turn left and left again.
10. This bean bed is also in the Lost Woods. From the Sacred Forest Meadow, go back into the Lost Woods. Next, turn left, right and then right again.

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