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Ocarina of Time Boss Strategies

Gohma: This boss is simple enough. Simply target Ghoma while she is on the ceiling. When the eye turns red, shoot it with a shot from the slingshot. When she falls, attack with the sword. If you are especially quick, you can dispatch her that very first time. If you don't, just repeat the process.

King Dodongo: This large, evil dinosaur has been terrorizing the Gorons. To destroy him, avoid his rolling form when he passes, you can move close to the lava by walking to the edge, or just running. When he begins rolling around, he will run into a wall, then begin walking slowly. When he is doing this, run up in front of him. When King Dodongo begins to roar, throw a bomb into his mouth. It will blow up and the King Dodongo will be stunned. Attack with the sword. Repeat the process.

Anenome Barinade: This boss is not easy the first time. You cannot stop moving or the Barinade will attack and cause serious damage. Continue moving. Target the Barinade, and use the boomerang to hit the tentacle-like things. It will become disconnected from the ceiling and become free. Large gelly-like things will be swooping around the Barinade. Use the boomerang to take these out, and continue to try to get closer to the large, bottom part of the Barinade, where it is vulnerable. Once you do, and the boomerang gets through, the Barinade will be stunned. Rush forward and attack with the sword. Repeat these steps to defeat the Barinade.

Phantom Ganon: Phantom Ganon will run out of the paintings, but there is also a fake. If he turns away at the last second, run forward and roll away because the real Phantom Ganon will attack, and can cause a lot of damage. Use the bow, and when the real phantom comes through the painting, shoot him with an arrow. Repeat this until Phanotm Ganon gets off of his horse.

Once off of his horse, Phantom Ganon will thrown magical balls of energy at Link. Deflect them with the Master Sword, but be careful because he speeds up. When he falls to the ground, run forward and attack. Repeat the process.

Volvagia: The ancient dragon is causing havoc. When he rears his head out of a hole, use the Megaton Hammer to hit and stun him. Then attack with the Master Sword. When he begins flying, try to avoid him, but it is difficult because he coils around as he flies, so you have to try to roll beneath him. When he drops boulders, run around the edge of the platform, but do not stop until the boulders stop falling.

Continue hitting him with the hammer and attacking with the sword until he is defeated.

Morpha: After gaining the Iron Boots, Link must go to the Water Temple and fight Morpha. Above all else, avoid the water tentacle which will reach out and try to grab Link, then throw him into the spikes. Lock onto the small cell-like part of the water. When it moves up a tentacle, use the hookshot to snap it out. As it bounces around, use the sword to attack. Repeat the process.

Twinrova: These two witch sisters are Twinrova, and they are a formidable foe, despite their comic appearance. At first, use the Mirror Shield to deflect their attacks back at each other. When ice beams shoot at Link, deflect them towards the other witch, and vice-versa.

Twinrova, the true form of the wtiches, will appear after. Use the Mirror Shield to absorb their magical attacks, then shoot them back at Twinrova. However, you must take in three of the same type of magic in a row to attack. For example, you must absorb three fire beams in a row. If you have two, and ice is shot, then get out of the way.

Repeat the process to defeat Twinrova.

Bongo Bongo: What makes this boss more difficult is the bouncing. He will bounce Link on a drum, so be careful. First, shoot his hands. When this happens, the head will attack. Then use the Lens of Truth to see the eye. When it opens, shoot arrows at the eye. Dash forward, and slash with your sword. Repeat the process until he is defeated.

Ganondorf: Just like Phantom Ganon, deflect the magical attacks with the sword. When he crumples to the platform jump over and slash him. Repeat the process. Be wary of his other attacks. When he uses them, run around the outside of the arena.

Ganon: Ganondorf's true form, Ganon. You do not have the Master Sword, so use the Biggoron Sword or the Megaton Hammer. For me, the simplest way to defeat Ganon is to shoot him in the eye with a light arrow. When he is stunned, roll between his legs and using the sword or hammer, hit his tail. Run away and repeat.

If you run out of magical energy, just run between his legs and hit his tail. Once you get the Master Sword, it is the same deal, just hit his tail. Once the battle is over, Zelda holds Ganon in place, and Link delivers the final, devestating blow to the forehead.

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