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Ocarina of Time Characters

Link: The main hero. He starts off as a young boy who does not understand why he has been chosen by the Deku Tree. He grows up to defend and fight for Hyrule.

Zelda: The Princess of Hyrule. She has the ability to dream and have those dreams come true. She helps Link during his dangerous quest.

Ganondorf: A Gerudo-born man who has nothing in his mind but to control the land of Hyrule. He is the evil being at the heart of all the problems, and will stop at nothing to gain what he wants.

Impa: The nursemaid to Zelda and Sage of the Shadow Temple.

Darunia: The Goron chieftain and Sage of the Fire Temple.

Saria: Good Kokiri friend to Link, she is the Sage of the Forest Temple.

Ruto: Princess of the Zora and Sage of the Water Temple.

Nabooru: The leader of the Gerudo Thieves, Nabooru is also the Sage of the Spirit Temple.

King Zora: The leader of the Zora people.

Know-it-all Brothers: Kokiri brothers who are very knowledgeable.

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