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Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces

Death Mountain Crater

1 This heart piece is easier to get as a child. Once you enter the crater. Go straight ahead until you are at the edge of the main platform. If you turn your view or move around you will see that the edge of the platform you are standing can be climbed down. Climb down the platform slowly. There is a gab in the wall near by. Its near the center of the wall. The heart piece is right there in the gap.
2 As a child go to the crater and plant a magic bean in the bean bed. Then reurn here as an adult and ride the leaf until you see the heart piece that is on a large piller.
Death Mountain Trail

3 As an adult plant a magic bean in the bean bed, that is located right at the entrance to Dodongos Cavern. Come back as an adult and ride the leaf to a heart piece that is located right above the entrance to Dodongos Cavern.
Desert Colossus

4 Near the entrance to the Spirit Temple is a bean bed. Plant a magic bean and come back as an adult. Ride the leaf and jump onto to the platform where you see the heart piece.
Gerudo Valley

5 This heart piece can be reached as young or adult link. I think its easier with young link. As young link go to Gerudo Valley and grab a chicken. Look around in the water until you find the waterfall. Near the waterfall is some land that you can land on. Jump down there and then jump down to the side. There is a ladder behind the waterfall. Get there and climb up and get the heart piece.
6 When you get into Gerudo Valley. Go to the edge of the cliff and look down at the few platforms that there are. One of the platforms has a wooden crate. Use a chicken or longshot to get there. Open the crate by rolling into it or using a bomb. Get the heart piece.
Gerudo Fortress

7 At the very top of the fortress lies a treasure chest. After making your way through the Fortress you will get to a point where you can reach the chest with your longshot. Simply open the chest and get the piece of heart.
8 After saving the carpenters you will be able to go through Gerudo Fortress without anybody bothering you. Ride Epona to the shooting range. Talk to the guy while on epona and play the shooting game. Just get over 1000 points and you got the heart piece. This shouldn't take you all that many tries.
Goron City

9 At the bottom of the city, light all the torches using a deku stick or din's fire. There is a fire in Darunia's room. Light all the torches and the huge vase will start turning. Now go up to at least the second floor and throw a bomb into the vase. A heart piece might not come out the first time, but if it doesn't just try again until it does.

10 During the night time, go into the graveyard and Dampe will be there walking around. If you talk to him he will ofer to dig in that spot for 10 rupees. You will get the reward. There are several soft patches along his path. One of the soft patches has a heart piece. It is random which one has it.
11 After you get the hookshot go back to where you raced Dampe. Re-race him and finish in under a minute and you will get a heart piece.
12 On the left side of the graveyard as a child, there is a bean bed. Plant a magic bean and return as an adult. Take the leaf up and you will come to a box. Roll into the box to get the heart piece.
13 This heart piece is located in the row before the large tombstone where you get the "Sun's Song." Pull the tombstone back and go into the whole. Defeat the red dead and play the Suns Song to get the heart piece.
Hyrule Field

14 Near the entrance to Lake Hylia, there are 4 fences. Throw a bomb into the middle of them to reveal a hole. Jump down and buy it for 10 rupees.
15 North of Lon Lon Ranch (between Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle) there is a tree. Place a bomb next to it to reveil a whole. Use eiter the iron boots or the gold scale to go deep into the water to get the peice of heart.
Ice Cavern

16 This heart piece is found in the same room as the compass. You will need blue fire in a bottle to get this heart piece. Melt the red ice block to find a treasure. Open it to get a heart piece.
Kakariko Village

17 Once you have collected 50 Gold Skulltulas go into the House of Skulltulas and claim your prize. 18 This heart peice is on a ledge in the windmill. You can easily get it by using your boomerang and aim at it, or the easier way is when you are an adult, after the race with dampe, it will lead you to the windmill and you will be at the top. Jump onto the moving platform in the middle and then jump and get the heart peice.
19 When you are an adult, use the longshot to get onto the roof of granny's potion shop and then talk to the guy up there and he will give you the peice of heart. 20 Use the hookshot to get on top of Impa's house, or ride the owl down from death mountain and you will be on top of Impas house. On the side with the cuccos there is a ledge. Fall from the roof onto the ledge. Then go inside and get the heart peice that was in the cows stall.
Lake Hylia

21 In the fishing game, catch a 10-pound fish as a child and show it to the man and you will get a piece of heart.
22 Go into the lab in Lake Hylia. You need the gold scale do get this heart piece. The Iron boots dont work. Dive into the water that is in the lab and go as far down as you can go. The scientist will be impressed and will give you a piece of heart.
23 After you plant the magic bean in the bean bed located next to the labrotory. Come back as an adult and ride the leaf to the roof of the laboratory. Climb the ladder and get the piece of heart.
Lon Lon Ranch

24 When you are a child go into the storage shed at the back of Lon Lon Ranch. Move the boxes in there to find a tunnel and then get the heart peice. Lost Woods

25 Play sarias song to the skull kid who is playing at the top of a tree trunk.
26 There are two skull kids in the Lost Woods. Step onto the low tree trunk and pull out your Ocarina. Play the three songs that the 2 skull kids play.

27 While you are in the market go into the bombchu game building. Play the game and the prize will be shown before you play. It may not be a piece of heart the first time, but keep playing until the prize is a piece of heart and get it.
28 In the market, go to the treasure chest game. I highly suggest you have the lens of truth before trying to get this heart. Pay to play the game and in each roor there will be two chests. One will have a key so you can get into the next room. Use the Lens of Truth to see which chest has the key in it. Do this for a couple of rooms until you reach the end and get the piece of heart.
29 At night time go into the alley of the market. Go into the house with a women in it and talk to her. She will say that she lost her dog. Now go back to the main part of the market. Near the bazzar there is a stand where people were all surrounding during the day. Right near that is a white dog walking around. Hit him with your sword a few times and he will start to follow you. Take her to the women and recieve a heart piece.
Zora's Domain

30 There are four torches throughout Zora's Domain. Start by going to where King Zora is. Light a Deku Stick and go back down the trail and light the torch. That torch will stay lit. Get rid of the Deku Stick and re-light a new deku stick and continue down the path. One torch is near the shop, the second one is in the shallow water, and the third and fourth torches are behind the waterfall. Be careful and dont get the deku stick wet. A treasure chest will appear between the two torches behind the waterfall. Open it up for a heart piece.
Zora's Fountain

31 As an adult, go to Zora's Fountain and there is a heart piece on a lonely iceberg. You cant miss it.
32 Also as an adult. Put on the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots and go down to the bottom of the lake. Walk around until you find it.
Zora's River

33 When first entering Zora's River pick up a chicken that is near the bean selling man. While holding it, walk through Zora's River as if you were heading towards Zora's Domain. Get to the bridge and then turn back around and follow the vier until it splits into two. If you look on the left you will see a platform with a ladder. Use the chicken to get to the platform. Climb the ladder and you can now reach the heart piece that was on one of the tall pillers in the center.
34 When entering Zora's River pick up a chicken that is near the Bean selling man. While holding it, walk through Zora's River towards the Zora's Domain. Right when you get to the entrance to Zora's Domain look around and you will see a piece of heart on a platform that is unreachable, but now that you have a chicken you can get there. As an adult you can use the hoover boots to get to this heart piece.
35 As you are going through Zora's River. Near the center, with the tall pillers. There is a small log that is sticking out over the river. Go to the edge of the log and you will see a few frogs under-water. Play the Song of Storm and they will love it enough to give you a piece of heart.
36 After getting the heart from the frogs by playing the Song of Storms. Play other Ocarina songs to make the frogs get bigger. Once they are all bigger they will challenge you to a bug-catching game. When the butterfly appears above a frog you must play their note. Becareful, there is a time limit. To make it easier the order is the following... A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, A. The frogs will reward you with a piece of heart.

Courtesy Zelda Dungeon.

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