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Ocarina of Time Items

Sword: Link's main item and weapon. There are two other swords, apart from the Kokiri Sword, the Master Sword and the Biggoron Sword.

Hylian Shield: Link's main shield, apart from the Deku Shield, and Mirror Shield.

Ocarina of Time: This musical instrument allows Link to transport himself around Hyrule and affect the environment.

Deku Stick: A stick made of wood from the Great Deku Tree and the Deku Babas.

Bow: Allows Link to shoot enemies from great distances.

Slingshot: Allows young Link to shoot enemies from great distances.

Megaton Hammer: The hammer of the Gorons, this hammer is very powerful and allows Link to hit rusty switches, and defeat enemies.

Boomerang: The weapon which, once thrown, returns to Link. It can stun and destroy enemies.

Bombs: This weapon can be used against enemies or to access new areas.

Bottle: Link can carry different items in bottles.

Masks: Masks give Link some minor abilities and allow him to change his appearance.

Din's Fire/Nayru's Love/Farore's Wind: These abilities are granted to Link by the Great Fairies. Din's Fire allows Link to blast fire away from him at enemies, Nayru's Love is a spell which engulfs Link in a magical shield and Farore's Wind allows Link to set the spell and transport around Hyrule to a certain temple quickly.

Hookshot: This item allows Link to attack enemies and gain otherwise unreachable areas.

Tunics: Link has a number of tunics which allow him to breathe underwater and move through unbearable heat.

Boots: Iron Boots allow Link to sink underwater, and Hover Boots allow him to hover in air for a few seconds.

Scale: This allows Link to dive deep under water.

Goron's Bracelet: This bracelet, given to Link by Darunia, allows Link to pick up heavy rocks.

Deku Seed Bag: This bag carries seeds for Link to use in his slingshot.

Quiver: This holds the arrows Link can use with his bow.

Bomb Bag: This bag, made from the stomach of a Dodongo, allows Link to carry bombs around.

Tunic: This is Link's main article of clothing. There are three types: Kokiri (green), Goron (red) and Zora (blue).

Boots: Link's footwear. Apart from the normal boots, there are also the Iron Boots which allow him to sink to the bottom of water and Hover Boots, which allow Link to hover in the air for a few seconds.

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