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Races of Hyrule

This is a list of the various races which may be found throughout Hyrule and its neighbouring lands.

Hylians: These are the dominant people. They are usually fair, helpful and kind and do not enjoy controlling others or fighting. They are a generally peaceful people, and they look basically like humans, except they have longer, pointed ears.

Humans: While the humans are not the dominant race (not at all), they are perhaps one of the more corrupted. A chunk of their race live in the western area of Hyrule, the Gerudo, who are thieves.

Subrosians: In the world of Subrosia dwell the Subrosians, short, cloaked people. Only their large, white eyes are visible, making them look very strange, almost ominous, despite the fact that they are very peaceful and almost never injure any person or creature.

Zora: The water dwelling people of Hyrule. The Zora are usually quite tall and often have a large fin sprouting from the back of their heads. Fins on their arms and legs provide quick movement through the water. They are very mobile and are generally peaceful, unless provoked.

Gerudo: These are the desert women who live in the western parts of Hyrule, in the desert. They are thieves, and are closer related to humans rather than Hylians. The Gerudo are theives, however they are not always very evil. Their leader, Nabooru, is in fact a Sage of Hyrule and the Gerudo later become docile towards others.

Tokay: Large lizards which dwell in Labrynna and Holodrum. They are smarter than the average lizard, with a large head, and they stand up on their rear legs.

Deku: Strange, plant-like creatures, the Deku are small, and live deep within forests, and are in great abundance near the swamp in Termina. They can even jump into certain flowers, then pop into the air and fly around for a short period of time. They are not generally evil, although they do seem to attack often and have short tempers.

Gorons: Large, strong creatures which usually dwell up high in the mountains and eat mountain rocks. They look kind of silly at first, but they are formidable. They are quite large and very strong. They have a small tuft of hair on the top of their head and a strange, big mouth, topped off by small, black eyes.

Rito: A race which has many theories as to their history on Hyrule, the Rito are a tall, almost Hylian or Human-like race only they have large beaks where their noses are, and when they grow older, the great dragon at the top of Dragon Roost Island, Valoo, gives them the ability to fly, and they grow wings on their arms.

Koroks: The small race of green creatures lives with the Great Deku Tree, and every year they head out to plany more of his great seeds, to create a new forest across the Great Sea. The Koroks appearance is strange, they are short with small leaves on their faces, and they can fly through the air with little propellor-like contraptions (some kind of plant) on their head.

Kokiri: The small people who lived with the Great Deku Tree, originally, when the first Link fought the forces of evil. They are small and wear green, and may not leave the forest or they will die.

Sheikah: A long dead race who originally protected the Royal Family of Hyrule and the land. The Sheikah only have one remaining survivor, Impa, who used to live in Kakariko Village, where the Sheikah dwelt, and is now Zelda's nursemaid. There is supposedly another Sheikah named Sheik...

Fairies: There are a number of different kinds of fairies, the Great Fairies of Hyrule and Termina, the small, healing fairies and the forest fairies which live with the Kokiri.

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