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Triforce in Ocarina of Time:There have been a number of rumors regarding the ability to gain control of the Triforce in OoT. It was apparently, originally, in the game, but before release, it was supposedly taken out. If you have any rumors regarding the Triforce, be sure to send them in.

-1-Beating the running man
Note: Remember these are rumors that did not work.
What you have to do is after you leave the tent, back the horse into the
entrance. If it is done right, you won't be able to get
in. Then just leave the horse and run to the bridge in the forest. You will
still have to get to the bridge faster than his current record which is
fairly easy if you do it on your first race when his record starts at 2:38.
If everything is done correctly, he will get to the bridge 1 or 2 seconds
after you. He then accuses you of cheating and asks if you purposely blocked
his way.If you answer NO, he says he believes you and that the race will
notcount because he probably would have won without interference. If you
answer Yes, he says that you have finally discovered your killer instinct.
Then after that what you receive from him, whether it be an item, or
information, I will not reveal because it would be unfair of me to ruin the
-2- I have found the Triforce!!!
Here are the steps to getting the Triforce.
STEP 1. Go through the game as usual until you get the Odd Mushroom.
STEP 2. As adult Link, go back to the Deku Tree bringing the Odd Mushroom
with you.
STEP 3. Climb up the Deku trees' roots until you get to his nose.
STEP 4. Hold up the Odd Mushroom to make him wake up from his curse and
STEP 5. Now you will be trapped inside a big, huge snotball which is a big
snotty maze. To get through it go left, right, right, left, right, left. Now
you will be in the boss room.
STEP 6. Boss : King Snotfire. Basically all you have to do to beat him is
hit him with your sword then hit him in the eye with your Hookshot. Do this
a few times and he's history. The Deku Tree will thank you and tell you a
story about his curse. It is along the lines of him having to sleep until
someone set off his allergy and then if they destroyed King Snotfire the
curse would be fully destroyed. The Deku Tree will give you the Triforce and
three new arrows, the arrows of Courage, Wisdom and Power (also any other
arrows that you don't have yet plus refils your Magic Metre. Ganondorf will
ride in on his horse and try to get the Triforce off of you.
STEP 7. Killing Ganondorf is fairly hard but here goes. What you have to do
is shoot him with a Light Arrow, then a Fire Arrow and then an Ice Arrow.
Ganondorf will freeze which will give you time to play Eponas Song and get
on her ready to chase him. He will start to run away on his horse and you
have to chase him on yours. Ganondorf will call every Boss and Mini-Boss to
attack you. You have to avoid all the enemies and shoot Ganondorf with every
different type of arrow until he falls off of his horse. Jump off of Epona
and kill him with your sword. Congratulations! You now have the Triforce!
-3- Step 1. Make sure you have all heart pieces, gold spiders.
Step 2. Go blow up all the gossip stones. (except the 4 by the Temple of
Step 3. Beat Ganon, then restart your N64.
Step 4. go play the song of time in the wind mill in front of the guy, (you
wont hear a special sound).
Step 5. play the "Song of Time" in front of Malon.
Step 6. play "Song of Time" in front of the big head stone in graveyard
Step 7. then go to temple of time, and if you've done everything right then
a pedistal should appear in the room.
Step 8. go to your house, and dark Link should be sitting on the bed. (he
wont talk to you until you play "Saria's song"). He will then teach you the
"Overture of the Sages". (write this song down because, it's like the
scarecrow song because you have to memorize it).
Step 9. go back to the pedistal that appeard earlier, play "Overture of
Sages" while standing on it.
Step 10. you will warp to the sacred realm, then go throught the door thats
behind the light medallion. (this changes you to young Link)
Step 11. when you come in the room, Zelda will speak, she explans that Ganon
has taken the Triforce, and that only you can stop him.
Step 12. next a cage will come down and all the Sages will be sucked into
it. the cage will raise back up to the celing.
Step 13. A piliar of light will come down on the other side of the room. The
Triforce will then come down from the ceiling then a green shield will go
over it . Ganon will then open a warp and suck all your weapons except your
Kokrie sword. Then you will hear a laugh and then the boss music will start
and you will only have your Kokrie sword to fight with.
Step 14. when you kill him green smoke will come out of his body.
Step 15. the shield around the Triforce will drop, then Link will run up to
it and touch it. Next the owl comes and talks. After that the Sages are
released and there is a cool ending. The bad part is it erase's your game.
-4- Start a new game and call your self "Link" When you get to Hyrule
castle, talk to Zelda.  Before you learn "Zelda's Lullaby" replace a bottle
with your Fariy Ocarina.  when you learn the song you should pull out The
Ocarina of Time.  Then go to the Temple of Time and play the song of time.
(you don't need to know the song) the door should open and then walk in and
there is the Triforce.
-5- Note: This is a silly one. The poor guy probably didn't have an ego. try
beating the game with the name billy rules. then u will get the triforce.
-6- the triforce is in the game.  iwont tell you where it is because i know
if i can find it, any gamer can, but i will give you a clue.  Listen very
carefully to what the deku tree says after you beat gohma.  if you pay
attention and think about it carefully, i'm sure you'll be able to find  the
legendary triforce! don't be discouraged.  keep searching! even if you have
to look up every single zelda and triforce site there is until you are
totally convinced that you can't find the triforce, but until then, dont
give up!
-7- this rumor can earn you the gold ocarina
it's kinda hard so i would print it out.
1.  ok u go t malon when you are young.
2.  Call epona with eponas song.
3. Try to lure her out the gate (where malon is standing when she is older)
4.  After that go fill up all four bottles with Lon Lon Milk.
5.  Still as young link warp to all the temples in this order, Forest,Temple
of Time, Spirit, Shadow, Water, Fire.
6.  then go back to lon lon ranch still as a kid.
7.  Drink your 2 lon lon milk's and save the other 2.
8.  WALK to the Temple of Time DO NOT WARP!!
9.  walk up the left side of the first set of stairs you see in the temple
of time.
10. Turn into adult link.
11. then walk down the right side of stairs
12. Turn and look at the spiritual stones
13. do a back flip on to the stone  table with the stones on it.
14. Stand on the red stone and face the green one
15. play sarias song and the temple will go dark note this will only work
once (but try to save and reset you will not have to do all of this agian)
just play sarias song on the stone agian.
16. Quickly jump off and leg it out of the temple of time an navie will not
follow you but will come out side when your out side.
17. hit all the gossip stones in front of the temple of time
18. warp to all the temples in the reverse order that i gave you.
19. kill gaonon and watch all the credits.
20. reset the game and go to the horse back archary  and get 1500 points
21. then drink the other 2 milks
22. then WALK to the temple of time
23. when you get back all the gosip stones should be gone.
24. go to the back of the temple of time and you should see a small girl
playing a silver Ocarina, she will teach you the Overture of sages. play it
together. then she will give you a Gold Ocarina.
-8- Play all the songs 100 times then go to the Temple of Time, there should
be a door on the other side of the Master Sword.  go through it then you
will be taken to the Temple of Light.  You have to fight all of the boss's
then fight Ganon.  This time gannon is harder.  after you beat him,  you
will be sent to the chamber of sages. raru will say " you have done well,
but you must bring me somthing else ".  He will send you back to the temple
of time.  Go to your map and The Desert Colosus should be blinking.  Go
there and when you get inside...Ganon will be there! He says "You!, you
blasted kid,  I have the thing you want ".  you begin to fight.  Get him so
he is knocked out. then pull out your ocarina and play Zeldas Lullaby.  He
will then be vaneshed forever.  He leaves behind His piece of the Triforce!
You pick it up and then are taken back to the Chamber of sages.  Reru and
Zelda are standing there and raru Says "good work link " then zelda gives
you her piece of the triforce. the end?
-9- Ok this took me a long time but heres how it goes:

1. Do the gold ocarina trick.
2. Play the overture of sages in front of ganon.
3. He will vanish and the game will start over.
4. AS A KID play the overture of sages in front of saria, the fire stage,
and princess zora, in that order!
5. Princess zora will teach you the song of colors.
6. Still as a kid play it to zelda.
7. She will give you her triforce.
8. Become an adult and fight ganon agian and he will explode and leave you
his triforce.
-10- Call yourself Din and complete the game. At the end you will see din
come down and help you kill Ganon. You will then be able to walk around
Hyrule after ganon is defeated. Go and talk to the guy. He will give you the
purple monkey mask. It is called ???? Go to the temple of time and replace
sword you are now in the Chamber of Sages. Talk to ganon (he will be on the
new pedestal of darkness) you will get the trifoce of power!!!
-11- I know how to beatthe marathon runner! I got this because my cousin's
roomate knows a game designer. Well anyways go to him in the tent and race
him. Now go to hyrule market and go inside the bombachu place DON'T do
anything, stay in there for about 5 seconds and come out and go to Kakario
village and go to the house of skullotopias and hit the one in the center.
go out and go to the bridge. the marathon runner will beat you. then find
all the skullatos and go to the house of skullatoas and get the gold ruppee
and then go back to the marathin runner then go outside and get on epona and
go to the birdge and YOU WON!!! the marathon runner will give you the gold
saddle. you can have 10 carrots you can walk on water, go into every level
you know how theres like an inviible barrior you can break through.
-12- ok i have as roumor (can't spell) ok its about the second quest, now i
know alot of people have said bo ho no second quest well i think there wrong
at the end of the game with the still frame you wiat long anough and a song
will play using voices. THAT IS THE SONG YOU NEED!!!! my feind decoded it
using his trusty keyboard and zelda and found the note (i don't have t\hem
he is giving them to me tomorow)heres what u do! first start a new game,
then you must get the fairy ociana and go to the courtyard in the castle
BEFOR you talk to zelda play that song on the fiary ociana and then you must
beat the game and you will enter to the second quest!!! i am guessing its
about gonandorf breaks the seal!!!!!!!!!!!
-13- You know that running man you sold the bunny mask to? Well, as an
adult, you can go to the carpenters' tent and find him there. He asks you to
race him to the Kokori Forest bridge. He always happens to beat you by 1
second, though. But if you can get to the bridge in a minute or less he will
be right behind you. He will then admit his loss and how he won all those
times. It just so happens that he had an extremely rare SuperShot. This is
the longshot, except that it has unlimited distance. The only reason you
beat him was because he had to aim it, fire it, wait for it to get there,
and then reel himself in. He won't give it to you, however. Instead, he'll
give you a song that let's you go to any part of the world from the map in
your pause screen. You must first play the song, then it will ask you to
point where you want to go. Just for a little surprise, I won't tell what
the keys are to play the song. That should add a little flavor to the game.
-14- First, you need the Golden Gauntlets.Then,go to Ganon's
Castle.There,you'll see a gate in ruins.Go past the gate and to go past te
boulders and you will find some tower thing with a moon on it or
someting.Lift it up with the Golden Gauntlets and go inside.Stand on the
Triforce symbol and play zelda's lubby and the fairy will double your
defense power. P.S-If this works you better get rid of the one on Zelda64
Rumors with the not good info.
-15- make your own music in the ending turn to a kid to
pierre.then make your own music.after all that, defeat ganondorf and
ganon.wait until the end of the ending.after the ending is done wait for 3
to 5 mins.then the song you've played to pierre will start playing.if you
wait 3 to 5 mins. again you will hear it again in a different instrument.if
you wAIT 3 TO 5 mins. again you will hear it in a different instrument. i
heard like 5 different instrments then i just turned the game off.
-16- Play as Sheik - This supposed Code will allow you to play as Sheik.
It's a bit lengthy, though. First, get Epona and the Cow in your house.
Next, go to Gerudo Valley and jump into the river. You'll end up in Lake
Hylia. Now, talk to the Lake Hylia Professor and then to the Fishing Pond
Owner. Now, go to the Death Mountain Crater and get a Bottle of Lava (this
is where I got stumped. I have absolutely no clue how to get a Bottle of
Lava..). Now, go to the Temple of Time and pour the Lava onto the altar
where the Master Sword rests. Then, get four Bottles of Blue Fire and
release them all over the big chest in the Gerudo Training Center. Finally,
go back to the Temple of Time and Sheik will be waiting. This is untested,
and probably is untrue.
-17- The Fire Sword - This Code will get you the secret Fire Sword. It's
pretty long, though. First, start a new game and enter your name as FireS
(notice the capitalizations). Play as usual, until you reach Gohma (the
first Boss). This is the hard part - you must defeat all three Bosses as
Young Link WITHOUT GETTING HIT. If you get hit, the Code will deactivate
itself. If you do get hit, you can restart from a saved game before the
Boss. Once you've done this, play as usual until you turn into Adult Link.
Immediately get Epona and, once you jump the fence to escape the ranch, STAY
ON EPONA FOR THREE DAYS, and don't use the Sun's Song to speed it up. Next,
play normally until you deactivate all the Barriers in Ganon's Castle. After
you've done that, save your game, and change back into Young Link. Now, go
to Link's House and chop down the sign in front of the house. Then, play
Zelda's Lullaby to put the sign back together. Change back into Adult Link,
and play to the final battle with Ganon (NOT Ganondorf). During the battle,
pause, go to the Equipment Screen, highlight a sword, and press R, R, R, L,
L, L. Unpause, and, if you did everything right, the Fire Sword should be in
Link's hands. This is untested, but just might work.
-18- I heard that you get something special for getting a perfect score at
the horseback archery game. I heard you get the Guredo battleaxe, or a
silver saddle, or you get that horse next to the stand. If you get the
silver saddle or the new horse then you can beat lon lon ranch course really
fast and get the ability to never run out of carrots. Then you can beat the
running man and he gives your horse the ability fly and you can get to the
temple off to the east of the desert and you get the triforce. This is what
I heard. And I belive you get something for getting a perfect score and ive
gotten a 1920.
-19- I mailed you a little earlier today about the horseback archery. I
heard that if you can get the battle axe and you can do something with it
and unfreeze zoras domain. I also heard that you get by getting three
perfect scores, but i believe you get something for a 2000 score but im not
-20- Hi! I have found a secret,but its really not that important,especially
for people who are not interrested in music...Well,here it is!...When you
play the Ocarina,while holdong the JoyStick up,or down,and playing a
tune,the sound changes...It really isn't important,but with this,you can
play much more different tunes that you can't play on the ordernary notes
(A,C up,C right,C down,C left).With this,you can even play the whole song of
Saria,not just the first six notes,but the whole song,from the beginning,to
the end...
-21- I know how to beatthe marathon runner! I got this because my cousin's
roomate knows a game designer. Well anyways go to him in the tent and race
him. Now go to hyrule market and go inside the bombachu place DON'T do
anything, stay in there for about 5 seconds and come out and go to Kakario
village and go to the house of skullotopias and hit the one in the center.
go out and go to the bridge. the marathon runner will beat you. then find
all the skullatos and go to the house of skullatoas and get the gold ruppee
and then go back to the marathin runner then go outside and get on epona and
go to the birdge and YOU WON!!! the marathon runner will give you the gold
saddle. you can have 10 carrots you can walk on water, go into every level
you know how theres like an inviible barrior you can break through.
-22- First, you need to go to Ganon's Castle and go past the gate and you'll
see the boulders run past them and you will see a tower, lift it up and go
in!Play Zelda's Lullaey and you will get it.
-23- ok. i'm not trying to spread any rumors or make people confused, but i
read a magazine called "expert gammers" and it says that sine Sheik looks
kind of like link then is it possible for a second quest using sheik as the
main character instead of link.
remember i read this i didn't make it up.
-24- I know a really top secret and do you want to now how and whatīs the
How to get the horse of the princes Zelda
It is very hard to do becouse you need to do everithing perfectly and very
1.First you need to do 49 seconds winning the race to the runer of gerudoīs
2.Then you need to go to Lon Lon Ranch and sing the song of epona.
3.You need to go in 2 minutes or less to death mountain becouse you need to
talk with the big person in the top of the mountain
4.When yo talk to him you need to go to the tmple of time and sing the song
of time. if you do this correctly, you are going to hear a sound (like the
sound when you discover somthing)
5. Finally you need to go to Lon Lon Ranch again and talk to saria and she
is going to tell you "Thank you for take care of epona for a long time you
donīt need him more now iīm gona give you my most preety (somthing like
that) potetion is the "Real horse of princess Zelda" take care of them.
Please belive me becouse I wanīt to give you real information with the
especific information no like the rumor of the triforce if that is true why
donīt givith us more especific infotmation.
-25- First, you MUST have 100 skulltulas and all 20 hearts or the trick will
NOT work!  Now, go to the ice cavern and pick up 4 blue fires.  After
that, go to the temple of time as an adult, and set one blue fire on the
pedestal of time.  It'll play that one sound (like in the water temple
when you change the water level).  Then, go to Lake Hylia, go in the lab,
put on your hover boots, hover over the box at the bottom, and drop a
blue fire down there, this one is hard to do, but it works.  After that,
go up death mountain as a kid and go in goron city.  Set a blue fire by
the big clay pot at the bottom.  It will always play the sound if you do
it right.  After that, go to your house as an adult.  Meet Dark Link
there, do NOT talk to him.  Set a blue fire as close to him as you
possibly can.  If you do it, he will get mad and fight you again.  He is
MUCH harder, he does almost everything you do with every weapon
(including dins fire!).  After you beat him, you will get a special Red
Flame, in all of your bottles, it melts blue ice!  Now, you must use it
in the EXACT right place!  In Zora's domain, set it right in front of
King Zora (down by the gossip stone just below him.) After that you talk
to King Zora and he says "Thank you for helping us" and then all of the
ice melts.  And that is the only way (so far found) to unfreeze Zora's
Domain)  And the sage of water, comes out and thanks you by giving you a
nice big kiss!  I'll send the screen shot once I get the film
-26-  I heard this at school but I don't know if this works. After you beat
Ganondorf and have all of the medallions notice that you can fight Ganondorf
over and over again, defeat him completely twice within 2 hours you'll get
the ultimate weapon a special sword. Also I heard you can get it also by
beating the game in within 2 hours.
-27- I got under Zora's Domain (as adult Link). First I bombed the little
goron as an Adult, read his sign he will give you the red tunic go in any
place with Lava tunic. (Note; keep the Ocarina of Time out) dive in to the
lava and get some lava in a bottle. Go to Zora's Domain, use the lava in a
bottle and it will melt the ice and you can get under it.
-28- first, go to the Gerudo's Valley. Then get in it AS A KID. ( I WON'T
TELL YOU HOW!!!!!!!!!! you should find that out by yourself) There you will
find a new BIg bomb. only 1. Then beat the Temple's in this order, forest,
water, fire, spirit, shadow. turn adult. Then go to the rainbow bridge. Go
to the right, on to the land connected to the Tower. Aim for the side of the
entrace, it's hookshotable (lonshotable). Aim near the top and to the right,
aim near the closest spike at the top and fire. You will go BEHIND the wall.
Walk right when you have an angle where you can see Link. Once you get to
wider land, throw thw BIG bomb into the center of the Lava Pit. The Sky
Temple will appear. Go to the bridge (the one you see as a kid, but don't Go
there as a kid.) enter the temple from there. Beat it (HA, won't tell you
THIS either). Then the Blue Fairy will give you the Triforce) The bosses of
this temple are shadows of ALL of the bosses you've faced, even Ganondorf
-29- You can catch a whale in the fishing pond. It sounds like i'm lying but
i'm not. Get the sinking lure, have everything in the game, everything!! Put
on the fire tunic and swim around the outside of the pond for about 45
minutes. After that catch the loach within 10 minutes. Talk to the man and
he'll tell you all that stuff that he usually does when u catch it and give
you the money. Swim around the pond twice more and exit immediatly. Come
back in when it is dark and start fishing, right away, out of no where a
whale will appear and bite your line. He is VERY HARD to catch..(it took me
over an hour!) When you get it, Link will fall over and start laughing. The
man runs over to you and gives you a SILVER STEALTH ROD!!! It's awesome,
believe me!
-30- If you hit the center skulltula (before he's human) like 200 times the
other kids that you saved gang up on you and make a deal. They say if you
stop hitting their father than they'll sharpen your sword. Its awesome! Now
I can kill enemies in less than half the time!
-31- I shot a light arrow with my bow right above the castle gate when it
was closed & a ladder fell down.(as older Link) I climbed up it & went
through a shiny tunnel that took almost five minutes to get through the end.
When I got there there was this bright room and Rauru was there. He told me
it was nondorf) and they were all shadows! It was almost impossible! But
finally I beat them (after about a month) and Ganondorf came! He was like
twice the size that he usually is. He had all these weird attacks like
fireballs and that kind of stuff. After I beat him Rauru greated me again I
escorted me to the Temple of All Sages! Every sage was there even princess
Zelda! They looked like they were hiding something and they were! They told
Link to stick the Master sword in this Neon looking pedestal and guess
what?! The triforce arised from the ground! The room was blue, but
eventually turned gold when the triforce arose! After that a pretty cool
ending came (MUCH better than the other one!) And it was over! And thats how
you get the triforce!!!
-32- Did you know that you can get a white tunic and a purple tunic? The
White Tunic makes you invincible and the purple tunic makes you run faster.
-33- I got the dark brown horse in Lon Lon Ranch instead of Epona.
-34- I got the iron boots as a kid and got into a mysterious hole in Zora's
Domain! Note: The cavity is Zora's Domain, in the bottom of the water, is
simply that. A dead-end cavity. Rumored to lead to the legendary Unicorn
Fountain, but they took UF out of the game at last moment and so remains the
cave leading to it.
-35- How to get the triforce!
1.Go to ganondorfs castle look and go to the lava.Try to throw a bomb in the
center.Then all the lava will drain.Jump in the hole and you will see the
-36- Get The TripleDragon Sword!
To get the triple dargon sword play start at the fire temple and play the
warping songs till you end up back at the fire temple.You should then get
the triple dragon sword!
-37- To beat the running man race go to hyrule field as a young link.Put on
the Bunnyhood[you must not have sold the mask to him or he will run to
fast]and follow him around the field.Make a map of the route he takes.Then
go challenge him as grown up link.Take a shorter route than the one on the
map.You should get there right before him!
-38- To get 2 zeldas go up to zelda when you first meet her and slash her
with your sword 25 times and she will turn into two zeldas!
-39- Get The Golden Saddle!
You must go to the gerudo archery range and use all your arrows but get all
bullseyes.If you do so you will get the golden saddle!
-40- Get Eponas Mother!
To get eponas mother beat the obstacle course in under 45 seconds.Then
you'll challenge eponas mother.Beat her and you'll get her!
-41- See the secret movie!
At the title screen press start and the c buttons at the same time!!!!!
-42- If you want to acess the japnanese version of zelda 64 and you have a
gameshark enter this code:8111B819 0000.
You can get the triforce in it!!!
-43- As many might not know the japenese version of zelda 64 is very
different from the one we know and love.In the Jap. version there were know
six sages,the object of the game was to go to six temples to open the great
gate to get the triforce!With the triforce you could then beat ganondorf and
save zelda!
-44- Din's Fire Upgrade

First, type in your name as Din. Then you must beat the game. You must get
100 skulltulas without the infinite skulltulas trick. Then you must beat the
first Ganondorf within a minute. Beat the running dude. Don't use Din's Fire
throughout the game! Shoot the light arrow at the stone triforce on top of
Zelda's former castle and you'll be warped to the Great Faries Fountain
where you got Din's Fire. You will get an upgrade on Din's fire which lets
shoot magma out of your palm.

-45- Using this code you can get this cool golden armor and a crossbow that
shoots these kind of glowing purple beams out which are unlimited and it has
a really cool aiming system. What you need to do is: First defeat the entire
game (it doesn't matter how many skulltalas or hearts you have) up to the
Water Temple. Next, while Lake Hylia is dried up, you have to shoot an arrow
into the MOON. If it is done correctly you will hear an odd noise like when
a stone door opens. You then must go to the bottom of the lake with full
power and magic or the magic door will not be open. You must also be wearing
the red tunic and have the bombs on bottom C, the arrows in left C and the
ocarina in right C. You must play the song of storms anywhere in the dry
lake and wait for the rain drops to pour down. You must then QUICKLY search
the lake before the rain stops. If you do not do it quickly, the rain will
stop and you have to start all over. What you're searching for is an open
door at the bottom of the lake which should be glowing. If you enter the
special room, a weird old slumped over lady will appear and say "My child,
the time has come for you to don the mystic armor and receive the ancient
crossbow of the Sheikah people" She then gives them to you and it tells all
this junk about how to equip the armor and crossbow by going to the
subscreens and stuff and she then just stands there and you can talk to her
again but all she says is "Good day my child" After that, you will have the
armor which will be in your inventory in the equipment place but it will
replace all of your tunics. The crossbow will be in place of your normal bow
but the cool thing is that it works where a fire arrow or ice arrow is
needed. Don't worry, the armor protects you from fire and water so no tunics
are needed!! Try it! Its incredible!! Link looks really cool with the
awesome triforce logo on the back of his new golden armor.
-46- Go to Hyrule Field as a child. Play Zelda's Lullaby by the tree in
front of Lon Lon Ranch. A pole will appear. Climb it. At the top there will
be a gold pebble. When you are a adult, go to the lady at the potion shop.
Come back in 3 days. Pay her all your rupees. Then you will get the gold
tunic. You are now invinceable!
-47- When you start the game enter your name kiult. Once you defeat ganon.
You go back to your house(note you must have 100 skulltulas and all the
heart pieces to do this trick.) And you longshot inside your should be able
to use all weapons. (kid and adult)
-48- First, go to the horseback archery range. Notice there's a posible
2,000 points possible? Of course there would be a prize if you made a
perfect score. Play the archery game, and get a score of 2,000 points. You
need to make this score three times (Nintendo likes to make things sneaky,
don't they?). Not in a row though, it doesn't matter. After that, he'll give
you the Silver Sattle for Epona. Your carrots get upgraded, you get more
speed for every carrot. With this speed, you'll be able to outrun the runner
that hangs out in Gerudo's Valley. If you beat him, he'll give you the Gold
Sattle. You will now have infident carrots. With this speed, go to the Lon
Lon Ranch. If you play the race, and make it under 35 seconds. you'll win
Zelda's Horse, you know, that white cool looking one. With this horse, you
can go into temples and caves and stuff like that. However, your horse can't
kill those tuff enemies. To kill them, you need the Spiked Horse Shoe. Nice
gold look to it. To earn this, you need to find the "11th Poe". This poe
will not come out till the other 10 are dead. Cut all the grass down in
Hyrule Field (yes, it will take awhile), then go to the three trees by the
Castle. Or was it the four trees? 3 or 4, you know that spot. Go kinda in
the middle of threes, the poe should come out, kill it. Take it to the poe
shop. The guy will give you a card (NOTE: Do not take this card in the
progress of earning the Biggoron Sword). Take this card to the archery
range. Talk to the woman. She'll take your card, and give you the Spiked
Horse Shoe in return. Now Zelda's Horse can fight. Hit down C, and the horse
will buck back. Hit top C and Zelda's Horse will raise his/her's font legs
and crush the enemy.
-49- First enter your name as NABOORU. Then in the Spirit Temple instead of
her saying "what kind of name is that". She'll say "I like that name so I'll
make a trade." "Get me the SILVER GAUNTLETS and I'll give you these." She
hands them over. Then get old and go to Zora's Domain. Next go to the center
platform and go to the edge and it should say GRAB. Pick it up and throw it
and you will get to see a awesome cinema of all the ice breaking. Then it
will turn into water and then sink down with your iron boots. After that go
through that little passage and it leads you to a room with a chest and
inside. There should be platnium scale.
-50- I know how to get the triforce. No joke, this is what you will hav to
do. First you need all 100 Gold Skulltulas. Also, you had to have beaten the
game. The next step is hard because it takes so long. Blow up all of the
gossip stones. That's right go around Hyrule and blow up every single Gossip
stone or this trick will not work! After blowing up all of the gossip
stones, Go to links house and once inside, play the Song of Storms on your
Ocarina once. Now go to the lon lon ranch and go up to Malone. Next go to
Kakariko Village and play the Song of Time inside the windmill. Now go back
to Links house and Dark Link will be sitting on the table. Go up to him and
play Saria's song. After talking with Dark Link, he will teach you "The Song
of the Sages". Remember it because it won't appear on your status screen.
Now go back to the Temple of Time and play your new song, The Song of the
Sages, in front of the 3 spiritual stones. It will take you to the sacred
realm. Go to Hyrule Castle and there will be a new rainbow bridge. Go up the
bridge and you will see the Triforce. When you walk towards it, Ganon will
fall from the ceiling. He will take all your weapons away from you and all
you can use is your mini kids sword. It will take a while to beat him
because he is so tough. After you beat him, you will walk up to the
triforce. The original Nintendo Zelda music will play.

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