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This page shows the interesting things that can be found in the Zelda series. If you have anything to add, email it to me at

Ocarina of Time

- Talon wears a brooch shaped like Bowser from the Mario series.

Majora's Mask

- The mask salesman waits inside the clock tower in Clock Town. One of the masks he is carrying is a Mario mask. Submitted by Goldie

The Wind Waker

- The traveling salesmen are actually Gorons (swing the leaf at them to make their hats fly into the air).

- In the night sky several constellations are visible, "The Big Dipper" and "Orion's Belt." They are easy to see, they are the bright stars in the sky.

- In the Nintendo Gallery Fan, the guy who walks around the place, looking at sculptures has a bag which has a small picture of the original Octorok sprite on it.

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