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Timeline Theory

The Legend of Zelda is a great game with an intricate story. The intricate stories of each individual game make the timeline difficult to follow. But then again, that also proves to be an interesting thing to try to figure out. The timeline of the Zelda games.

I have my own theory for the timeline, and it is as follows:

1. Ocarina of Time - Link fights Ganon again, and not for the last time, only he travels through time so he is both old and young.
2. Majora's Mask - Link searches for a friend, and comes across Termina, shortly after OoT.
3. The Wind Waker - One hundred years after OoT, a new Link rises to become the Hero of Wind, and defeat Ganondorf.
4. The Legend of Zelda - Link, as a young boy, sets out to save the land and Zelda again.
5. Oracle Series - Link goes on another adventure to Holodrum and Labrynna as a young teenager.
6. Adventure of Link - Slightly older than he is in LoZ, Link adventures as a teenager.
7. A Link to the Past - Agahnim arrives, shortly before Ganon appears once more.
8. Link's Awakening - After ALTTP, Link heads out on a ship, and is washed upon the shores of Koholint.

This is my personal opinion on the Zelda Timeline, and I know many would disagree, but this is what is great about not knowing what the true timeline is, people can come up with their own opinions. I know some things don't make sense, but that is to be expected.

This is the Zelda timeline in my opinion.

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