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The Wind Waker Beastiary

Armos Knight / Tower of the Gods / Vulnerability: Bombs
Automatic fighting statue which attacks Link when he comes near. Throw a bomb into its gaping mouth.

Boko Baba / Forbidden Woods / Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds
These plant creatures attempt to swallow anything that comes near. Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack, then finish them of by cutting the stem.

Bokoblin / Forsaken Fortress / Spoils: Joy Pendants
Wield machetes and Boko sticks. If they have no weapon, they will attemp to fight hand-to-hand.

ChuChu / Varied Locations / Spoils: Chu Jelly
Many different colours of ChuChus exist, and each colour has a differnet ability. They will attack Link when near.

Darknut / Varied Locations / Spoils: Rupees, hearts, magic

These creatures are large, knight-like minions with large swords and heavy armour. They are powerful, and often attack in groups, although on several occassions they are alone.

Ganondorf / Base of Operations: Ganon's Castle / Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword
Possessor of the Triforce of Power, controls many evil beasts.

Gyorg / The Great Sea / Weakness: Projectiles
These shark-like creatures attempt to ram Link's boat and knock him into the sea.

Kargaroc / Dragon Roost / Spoils: Golden Feathers
Fierce opponents which often carry Moblins and Bokoblins into battle, or bite and peck at Link.

Keese and Fire Keese / Dragon Roost Cavern / Least Favourite Thing: Projectiles
These bats fly around dark places and swoop down and attack Link when they have the chance.

Magtail / Dragon Roost Cavern / Weakness: Water
Covered in hard exoskeleton that lava and heat cannot penetrate, the Magtail is a powerful opponent, with fierce pincers. Its only weakness, apart from water itself, is its eye. Strike the eye with the "A" button when it prepares to attack.

Moblin / Forsaken Fortress / Spoils: Skull Necklaces
Great enemies which swing long spears, so be sure to stay out of range, or use the shield, and attack quickly.

Mothula / Forbidden WOods / Effective Weapons: Deku Leaf, projectiles
Scatters its scales through the air, and releases larvae if shot out of the air.

Octorok / The Forest Haven, The Great Sea / Winner of the Perfect Attendance Award<br> When approached, Octoroks hide in water, then jump out and shoot rocks which can be deflected with a sword or shield.

Peahat / Forbidden Woods / Talent: Rotating
Flying creatures which swoop and attack Link when he is near. Peahats can simply be shot out of the air, or the boomerang can take off their "propellors" and send them falling to the ground.

Poe / Earth Temple / Best Attack: Possession
These ghost-like opponents have no physical form, but when they enter light, or have light reflected on them, they will take form and become vulnerable to attack.

Puppet Ganon / Ganon's Tower / Effective Weapons: Light Arrow
This enemy is massive, and controlled by the evil Ganondorf. Use the boomerang to cut through the puppet strings, and then shoot the large, blue tail.

Red Bubble and Blue Bubble / Tower of the Gods / Stronger Form: Blue
Blue flames steal power from attacks, and red flames cause damage to Link. These creatures can be blown away with the Deku Leaf.

ReDead / Earth Temple / Least Favourite Thing: Mirror Shield
Live in the drak depths of the earth. Their gaze paralyzes intruders so that they may be attacked without being injured.

Stalfos / Earth Temple / Weakeness: Its head
Skeleton warriors which attack by violenty swinging their large maces. Attack them until the bones fall apart, then destroy the head.

Wizzrobe / Tower of the Gods / Magic: Fire, summons
These powerful mages summon flames and creatures to aid them when they fight Link. Predict its movements and attack quickly when they appear.

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