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The Wind Waker Boss Streategies

Gohma: The first boss Link has to battle in The Wind Waker has a familiar name but a different appearance. Gohma is now a fire creature, which has been tormenting the great dragon, Valoo, on top of the mountain.

Do not fall into the lava, and try to avoid the attacks from Ghoma by side-stepping and flipping out of the way. Look up, and you can see a small thing dangling out of the ceiling. That is Valoo's tail. Using the grappling hook, grapple onto his tail and swing. A huge slab of rock will fall on Ghoma. Once you have done this three times, Ghoma's armour falls off.

Naturally, the creature is angry. See the big eye in front of Link? Use the grappling hook (it is easier if you target it) to pull the eye towards Link, then use his sword to attack it. Keep doing this until Ghoma is defeated.

Kalle Demos: This boss may seem more difficult than it actually is. This boss also reminds me of the Jabu-Jabu boss from Ocarina of Time, somehow.

See the large, weed-like tentacle things which run into the boss? With the boomerang, target those and throw, and you should sever them. Keep attacking the weeds until they are all gone. They may grow back, so try to be quick Once you have taken them all out, the boss will fall apart and reveal its inner self, this is its weak point. Attack the strange little mouth-thing at the center with the sword.

Gohdan: Gohdan is remarkably similar to Bongo-Bongo from Ocarina of Time, and if you have played Ocarina of Time before, most likely you'll notice that as well. He also seems similar to Andross in the Star Fox series.

Have Link's bow ready. See his hands? With the bow hit the targets on the hands. Once the arrows hit the eyes, they will be stunned, and Gohdan's head will attack Link. Flame will be thrown at Link, so try to run, dodge or roll out of the way. I found rolling to be the best bet for this.

After the flames, try to get a bunch of good shots at the head's eyes. Once the head is stunned, it will fall to the ground. See the gaping mouth? Throw a bomb into the mouth. Repeat the process again to defeat Gohdan.

Helmaroc King: You remember the big bird that stole Link's sister, right? Well, the confrontation between Link and Helmaroc King has finally come. You will have to race Link up the tower's stairs, first, before you can fight. The whole time, Link will need to be careful of flooding waters and the attacking beak of the bird.

Once at the top, the real battle starts. The King will take several swoops around the tower, flying away, then darting back. As soon as he lands, and jabs out with his beak, use the Skull Hammer to hit him. Be careful though, if you get too far away, you may hit spikes which line the outside of the arena.

Continue hitting the King in the head whenever you can with the Skull Hammer. Once his mask is destroyed, he is truly vulnerable. Attack with the Master Sword and finish him off.

Jalhalla: Perhaps the strangest boss in The Wind Waker, Jalhalla is basically one, big fat, pig-like ghost. The mirror shield will be essential in this fight.

First, see the large streams of light in the room? Stand in one of them and reflect the light, using the mirror shield, towards Jalhalla to make him solid and more visible. Then run up to him and pick him up. All around the room are spikes. Throw him onto the spikes, which will cause him to break into a bunch of smaller ghosts. Attack the ghosts with your sword and take them out. If you have the spin attack, this would prove very useful now.

Repeat the above to defeat Jalhalla.

Molgera: Molgera is another sand worm-like boss, as seen in Majora's Mask and other previous Zelda games. To defeat Molgera, target it with the hookshot, then drag it towards Link. Attack with Link's sword, then step back. Four smaller worms begin to attack so it is best if you keep moving, otherwise they may hurt you. You can use the hookshot to attack the smaller versions and pull them out of the sand.

Again Molgera itself will appear again. Use the hookshot to pull it towards you, then attack with the sword. Repeat these steps to defeat Molgera.

Phantom Ganon: Phantom Ganon is back, only he looks quite different. He looks more like a phantom than before, black and wispy, like smoke. He has a large sword which he uses to attack Link with.

At first, there are a number of phantoms which will attack Link. Just dodge the attacks. Watch for the real Phantom Ganon, who will begin to throw a magical ball of energy at Link. Just like before, using the Master Sword, hit the attack back. When the phantom falls to the ground, run up to him and attack with the sword. Continue this until he is defeated.

You will run into Phantom Ganon again, so just repeat the above process, or you can use the newly acquired light arrows.

Puppet Ganon: After finding Ganon, the evil man retreats into the tower's dark recesses of the ceiling, and uses a puppet to attack Link.

There are a number of puppet strings attached to Puppet Ganon. Use the boomerang to slice through these. As soon as you have a clear shot, and the puppet is limp or lying on the ground, shoot a light arrow into the large ball at the end of his tail.

Once you have beaten the first stage of the puppet, you must defeat the second. To defeat the spider form, wait until the puppet falls to the ground, then try to get near the tail and loose a light arrow. Do this three times.

This is the most difficult of Puppet Ganon's forms because he becomes very fast. Your objective is to shoot a light arrow into his tail, but it is very difficult unless he is not moving. You can hit his head with a light arrow or just hit it with a sword to get him to stop. However, he will not stay still for long, so you will want to be as quick as possible. Repeat this process until the puppet is defeated.

Ganon: The final battle has arrived, and Ganon has nowhere to run now. After the cutscene, which has a sudden appearance by the King of Hyrule, Ganon will draw forth two swords, and begin fighting. The whole time, water is falling in around Hyrule again, and it is done quite well.

Ganon will jump forward at Link. For now, wait until Zelda shoots Ganon with a light arrow, then attack. But you should try to stay close to Ganon while avoiding his kicks and sword attacks, which can be, by the way, very powerful and cause Link to lose a lot of health.

Once Ganon is hit a few times, he will dispatch Zelda, then return to Link. You no longer have Zelda's help, so you must get near Ganon and roll up behind him, then slash his back. This is your chance to attack, so hit him with your sword. Zelda will then be revived. Run over to her quickly and speak to her. She will give you a hint as to what to do. It is not hard to figure out, not difficult at all, but basically you need to try to avoid Ganon's attacks until you hear Zelda draw back the bowstring with the sound of the glowing light arrow. When you hear or see her do that, try to turn towards her so your mirror shield is facing her, then try to stay in one place until she can shoot it at you. It will bounce off of the mirror shield. If you are turned at the wrong angle, and Zelda misses, and the arrow hits you, Link will lose health.

If you are at the right angle, and the arrow hits the mirror shield, Ganon will be stunned. Use the A attack (parry) to roll up behind Ganon. Link will then deliver a devestating blow to Ganon. Right in the forehead, just like in Ocarina of Time.

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