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The Wind Waker Cabana Deed Guide

This strategy will guide you on your quest to gain the Cabana Deed.

You will first need to get the Picto Box. On Windfall Island, in the jail near the guy dancing in front of the stone, you will find Tingle the map maker. Once you free him, go into his cell and search through the small passages in the back. Avoid turning down passages with planks of wood at the end, or the rats will pull on a string, and drop you outside. Once you have it, go back outside and talk to the Killer Bees (the group of children). After you speak to them, go talk to the teacher (in a door close to the children). She will ask you to go and bring the children back. Go back outside, and you will have to play hide and seek to get the children to return to school.

First Child: Behind the stone that the man is dancing in front of is one of the children. He will run away, so chase after him.

Second Child: This boy is hiding in a tree near the gate to the town. Roll into the tree and the boy will fall out. Catch him when he runs away.

Third Child: Near the gate to the town, follow the path to the left, then follow it as it turns 180 degrees and moves up to the top of the gate. From there, you should be able to see a girl hiding behind a bush.

Fourth Child: Around the back of the Bomb Shop is the last child. He will run away and jump down onto the field below, so chase after him.

After you have caught all of the children, talk to the teacher again. She will reward you. Once she gives you your rupees, go back outside. The children will tell you to find a Joy Pendant. When you find one, give it to the teacher, and she will give you 20 rupees. If you don't already, find another 20 Joy Pendants and show them to her. As thanks, she will give you the deed to her Cabana.

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