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The Wind Waker Characters

Link: This hero is not related to the previous Link from Ocarina of Time, he is simply the new Hero chosen to defend the lost land of Hyrule and the new islands which came from it.

Aryll: Link's little sister who has been captured.

Grandma: This is Link and Aryll's grandmother.

Tetra: A seafaring pirate who is far from evil. Her crew is not evil either. Throughout the game, she helps Link during his quest immensely and supplies him with details, transportation and other general help.

Terry: A strange man who owns a bunch of boats which sail around the islands of the Great Sea, selling goods.

Orca: A man from Link's home island, he is a master at fighting and teaches Link how to use the sword. He also teaches Link a special technique later on.

Medli: A friend of Link's, she is a Rito and turns out to be a great person later in the game.

Koroks: There are many Koroks who lived with the Great Deku Tree, but one is especially significant, and turns out to be a very great creature later on.

Tingle: A strange map-maker who will be critical to Link later on during his quest.

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