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The Wind Waker Items

Hero's Sword: This is Link's main weapon. Link can later retrieve the Sword of Evil's Bane.

Hero's Shield: Link's main shield, apart from the Mirror Shield.

The Wind Waker: This baton allows Link to control the wind and transport him around the Great Sea.

Pictograph Box: Allows Link to take pictures of areas he visits and people he meets.

Bow: Allows Link to shoot enemies from great distances.

Boomerang: The weapon which, once thrown, returns to Link. It can stun and destroy enemies.

Bombs: This weapon can be used against enemies or to access new areas.

Bottle: Link can carry different items in bottles.

Hookshot: This item allows Link to attack enemies and gain otherwise unreachable areas.

Iron Boots: Allows Link to become heavier and not be moved by wind.

Magic Armour: This is similar to Nayru's Love in Ocarina of Time. Magic Armour is a special spell Link gains after completing a side quest. It protects Link from attacks so long as he has magic.

Grappling Hook: This allows Link to swing to new areas otherwise inaccessible.

Telescope: This item allows Link to see things far away.

Boat: Link uses this to travel the sea.

Hero's Charm: Link receives this mask later in the game. It allows him to see the hit points of monsters he is fighting.

Skull Hammer: A special hammer which has the ability to hit down large ground pegs in Forsaken Fortress, and elsewhere across the sea.

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